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Tan: I want to be in an official relationship with Eunsang. Eunsang's Mom: I cannot approve of the two in a relationship. Tan's real Mom: He's handsome, tall, nice, and gives his life up for Eunsang; he has all the qualities, so why do you not like him? Eunsang: Kim Tan, you scored last again? You said you'll always be behind me! (reference to how he said previously that he'd study hard and support them) Tan: You come in front. Rahel (to Youngdo): There's nothing wrong with your father's company? Youngdo: What do you think you're doing?! Youngdo's father: Youngdo, get out. Tan's "mother": The person who can win can rebuild from war. Stand in my line (come to my side). Tan: Thank you for holding this wonderful birthday party. Tan's Father: How dare you appear in front of me like that (with Eunsang)? Tan: This is my girlfriend. Eunsang: Nice to meet you, my name is Cha Eunsang.