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The Heirs Episode 19 Preview With Eng Translations
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cr: jooni.com Kim Tan: I would like to formally date Eun Sang. Eun Sang’s mom: I can’t give my consent to you two. Ki Ae: He’s handsome, tall, good, and risks his life on all things regarding Eun Sang. My son is more dear, but why are you saying no? Eun Sang: Kim Tan! You placed last again? Eun Sang to running Kim Tan: You said you would always be behind me! Kim Tan: Go in front of me. Rachel: Is your dad’s company okay? Young Do: What are you guys doing?! Young Do’s dad: Choi Young Do, get out! Ji Sook: The war can be restarted by the person who can win. Line up behind me. Kim Tan: Thank you for throwing such a great party. Chairman Kim: How can you appear in front of the cameras like that? Kim Tan: She’s my girlfriend. Cha Eun Sang: It’s nice to meet you. I am Cha Eun Sang.
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hahaha.the chairman is really smart, always one step ahead, poor kim tan and won,, hopefully things turn to better, to kim brothers. .
Awww...does KT have to be the last again??!! That show he never pay much attention to one important thing ES long for...aiyaya..