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Why Original Paintings Are Expensive Than Other Paintings?
If you are an art lover, you might have heard terms like original paintings and reproduced paintings. You might have also experienced the difference between the costs of the two paintings. Usually, the original paintings are expensive than reproduced paintings. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever thought about why there is a cost difference if the paintings are the same? Don’t be surprised. You are not the only one. Many people don’t think about this difference and pick the cheaper option. They think only the look matters. And it’s the same in both. But unfortunately, they commit the biggest mistake of their lives. As the name suggests, original paintings mean original. These paintings are originally painted by painters and everything is real. But when it’s about reproduced paintings, they are not painted originally. The reproduced paintings are produced in large quantities by a machine. There is a personal touch in the reproduced paintings. It’s just like a photocopy of the original paintings. Now, let’s know why original paintings are expensive. Scarcity of original paintings As already said, original paintings are original. There are no other versions of the original paintings. It will only be possible if the painter paints different copies of the same painting, which rarely happens. A painter is a human being and it’s not possible to paint the exact painting. There will be some changes in every version. One more thing, a painter won’t paint one painting several times. So, they are often scarcity that increases the cost. If the same painting is produced on a large scale, it won’t be unique. Many people will get the same painting from different places and they won't be willing to pay so much for the common item. Quality of the original painting The difference between machine-made paintings and originally painted paintings is quite visible. Both the look and touch of the painting are different. Most importantly, you will a slight difference in the color shades. The color of the original paintings will be bright but the colors of the machine-made painting will a shadowed. It’s because machine colors are used in them, which are completely different from paint colors. Till date, there are no technologies that can layer the oil paints in a beautifully textured and delicate way on the canvas. Mostly, the reproduced paintings are made using less expensive materials. These cheaper materials create a much flatter look than original paintings that are easy to identify. Easy to prepare reproduced paintings Original paintings take hours, days, months and sometimes, years to complete. It’s because they are very fine and intricate. Every move of the brush is made after thinking twice and thrice, no matter how experienced the painter is. In simple words, it’s not easy to get even a single copy of the original painting. On the other hand, machine-machine paintings are produced in large quantities because they don’t need much time. The machine only needs the command and the copies of the paintings are produced. They don’t even need the original copy. Original paintings need time so they are expensive. On knowing the cost of painting, you shouldn’t be surprised. Just make sure the painting is original. If you wish to buy original paintings online, you should check the authenticity of the site. You should check how the painter is related to the site owner.
Key Points to Get Good Wall Art Prints For Less
Are you an art lover? Then surely wall art prints must be on your mind to do your wall décor. You must be wanting to have your walls covered with beautiful pop art canvas prints and other types of wall art. People who understand and value art know that there is something about art that makes the heart sing. Think about the last time you walked into a home or museum and been taken in by what you see on the walls. That's the mesmerizing effect wall décor prints have on you. You get drawn in by that superb pop art canvas print simply because it is colorful, bright, and cheery. Quality art paintings display the creativity of the mind, and thus they have a price attached to them. These art pieces of artists are expensive, and everyone cannot or may not want to invest in them. So then what can be done? Do you forgo the idea of displaying your favorite art pieces on the walls of your space? Of course not! You can get good wall art prints for less by opting for pop art canvas prints. They work out to be much cheaper, and you get the picture on your wall that your heart desires. It is an affordable and the fastest way to decorate your home and give it a new, vibrant and great look! You will be happy to know that there are ways you can buy canvas prints without spending a fortune only if you keep some key points in mind. Points to keep in mind to get good wall art prints for less! 1. Several online stores sell you wall art prints for your space décor. One of the potential problems identified is that these canvas wall prints can be sold at super expensive rates. If you are a first-time buyer and not aware of the market costs, then you can surely burn a hole in your pocket. Thus do you visit a couple of online stores to compare prices and then make a conscious decision? The most reasonable wall art prints can be found here! 2. There are two kinds of canvas wall prints available: · Pre-made canvas prints of various art scenes: If you are looking for some specific theme, they are a great option. · Canvas prints of photos you upload from home: if you are looking for personalization of the wall art, then this option is best for you. Whatever your art style or home décor style prefers, affordable canvas prints are out there for you. So do your research before purchasing. 3. Check for the shipping costs with the online canvas wall art stores. It would be best if you ended up spending a fortune on that, which will increase the cost of the canvas wall print. Source: