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How To Respond To A Stroke Condition (Do’s and Don’ts)

Time is of a great essence for brain stroke treatment. The precious moments and the way you act can be critical towards saving a life. Below are the symptoms of stroke that are depicted by the acronym F.A.S.T.

F (Face)
Ask the person to smile. Is there a dropping or numbness of the face?

S (Speech)
Ask the person to talk or say something. Is the speech slurred or strange?

A (Arm)
Ask the person to lift the two arms upwards. Does one of the arms drift downwards?

T (Time)
Time is of great essence. Call 911 immediately

As said, during a stroke time is of great essence and you should call 911, an ambulance or emergency medical technicians immediately.

Stroke can be caused by a clot and the medication Tissue Plasminogen Activator or tPA has to be administered within a time frame of 4.5 hours of the appearance of the stroke symptoms.

Administration of the medication within the right time can reverse or stop the stroke symptoms.

CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation)

Lay the person in a very comfortable and convenient position. The best position is to make the patient lie any of its sides and to keep the head in a slightly raised position. The head should be supported by a pillow in case the patient vomits.

In most cases, CPR is not necessary. Still, check whether the patient is breathing. You would be required to perform a CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) if he/she is not breathing.

For performing the CPR:

1. Make the patient lie on its back

2. While kneeling beside the patient body, give 30 compressions on the chest at the lower half region of the breastbone. For compression, use both of your hands and the fingers should be interlocked.

3. Next, tilt patient’s head a bit backward, lift his/her chin and provide two mouth-to-mouth breadths. While providing breaths, shut the nose by pinching it using the fingers.

Repeat the CPR continuously and keep on altering 30 compressions and two mouth breaths until the person starts to breathe again or shows signs of life. Use a defibrillator (when available) if the CPR does not work.

What not to do during a stroke

There are some things that should be avoided during a stroke. The patient should not go to sleep or delay going to the hospital.

He/she may think that he/she was sleepy because of tiredness and misinterpret the symptoms of stroke.

Time is of great essence and a high severity stroke attack may occur if the earlier symptoms are not diagnosed and treated.

Also do not give the patient any medication, food or drink until he/she is fully diagnosed for the condition.

If there is an option, you should avoid driving the patient to the hospital yourself. The 911/ambulance/medical technician/medical emergency staff is well adept at handling the stroke situations and can also provide preliminary treatment (including CPR) and medication.

Let them handle the situation.

Stroke treatment is provided at the best hospital for brain stroke treatment in India with ultra-modern diagnosis and treatment equipment, techniques, and methods, and under expert doctor care. Keep the contact numbers of expert clinics/hospitals with you and undergo heart check-ups regularly.
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