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I Do I Do (Korean Drama) EP 7 Screencaps
TaeKang : Where is JiAn?? Call her! I have something to say!!! Ji An : What? TaeKang : How dare you played with my emotion?? Ji An : ..... TaeKang : I can't understand. You always beat me badly tease me.... I can't find any reason but... Ji An : ....?... TaeKang : I wanted to give you a ring... It's my grandma's ring... Why...? The accident, I can't forget the day... For you, may be it's nothing. But For me, no...You know why? Because, because.... You are my first woman !!!! Ji An : ..!!!!!!!!!...
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I love this scene so much, so embarrassing
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wahaha i looooveeee thiiis drama! age doesn't matter as long as you like each other right,,,,
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