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@saharhyunjoong this is for you bella :D As fans await Kim Hyun Joong‘s drama return, they can temporarily content themselves with Age of Feeling‘s newly released character posters. From November 21st to the 27th, the show’s cast participated in a number of poster shoots in a studio in Nonhyeon, Seoul. A thrilling atmosphere was filled by the actors during the shoot. Playing the hero, Kim Hyun Joong especially overwhelmed the scene with his intense gaze, while his leading ladies Im Soo Hyang and Jin Se Yeon electrified with their sexy expressions and youthful charm. Meanwhile, Kim Kap Soo, as a Japanese Yakuza leader, intimidates with his cold and imposing deportment. Age of Feeling will be airing in January, taking over Bel Ami‘s time slot.
OMG! i dont really recognise his face! he look like a little bit bruno mars? that is only my opinion. anyway, i can't wait to see his new upcoming drama. kim hyun joong you're still my man! miss you oppa!
I like the new KHJ look, more mature and hsve more depth in character... really looking forward to this drama .
middle one he looks like so ji sub
Wow! Flower boy khj is all badass and mature. Can't wait to watch this.