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Today I started on an ambitious life project called Humans of Seoul, inspired by the original Humans of New York. In its basic form, I will create a photographic census/documentary of the everyday citizens and residents of the dynamic city of Seoul. Being the first day, it was a real struggle trying to get people to participate, and I didn't get nearly as many people as I wanted. I can't remember ever hearing the word "no" with such authority as I asked to take their photographs. However, I did meet a few amazing citizens like this 75-year-old halmoni (grandma) who really encouraged and inspired me through her story, spirit, and amazing smile. Initially, she wanted no part in this as subway pedestrians passed by, but after talking for over an hour and gaining her trust, she allowed me to take her photo (yah!). I promised her if I became wildly successful she would be a big part of it, and I would repay her in some way. For the curious of heart, Sillim Station Halmoni has the most infectious smile that will make you want to buy everything she sells; she can be found at exit #5 every day except Sundays.
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haha I think i need to visit sillim station one day. I really support and admire your project. I hope to help it grow by at least sharing it. Keep up the amazing work!