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ACL tears, broken leg and broken ankle injuries are all up this season after the league continues to "crack down" on illegal hits. Although not outside of the rules, hits like the one that ended Gronkowsii's year show the obvious fact that defenders are aiming lower and lower to avoid fines and flags. Darren Woodson, former Cowboy DB and current NFL Network analyst described it this way; "on his like that, I'm protecting my wallet first, your leg second." So while they're not necessarily trying to hurt anyone, the new rules "protecting" the offensive players are getting people hurt just as much, if not more than they have before.
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the nfl's take is basically just cash flow good=no problem
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i think it's total BS that a tiny head hit can be a huge penalty, but apperently taking out someone's ACL and MCL in once swipe is totally legal
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