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45 million Chinese were killed in the Chinese government's "Great Leap Forward". Punishment for stealing a potato would be death by drowning, and parents were forced to bury their children alive or be drowned in urine. This makes the Great Leap Forward the largest 20th century murder.
Great tragedy and such tragedy still continues on at North Korea. I hope UN resolve this very soon.
A very grounding point @alexicon
hmm i feel like "worst" is hard to define...not to diminish the atrocities the chinese government committed, but just think about the rwandan genocide, or the bosnian war, or the holocaust. i feel like ranking atrocities doesn't do any of them justice
interesting sutff @johnnyboy
@Goyo National Socialism replaced a monarchy structure which was replaced by a democracy short lived. National Socialism Nazi party was in direct competition with Communism. These two political movements would have removed democracy with no accountancy to the public.@curtis Hitler only assured more public support from the humiliation from WW1 territory losses. @Goyo Vlad the impaler saved his country from invasion by the Turks.
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