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Vice President Joe Biden called Ukrainian President Yanukovych to urge him to start talking with opposition leaders and avoid escalating violence. So far, violence seems to have decreased, maybe as a result of this pressure from world leaders. Still, protesters are not deterred by the freezing weather in Kiev.
what are your thoughts on the opposition movement, @curtis?
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Well its interesting and as a westerner I think we can be hopeful. Still, gotta go with whats best for the people. I don't know, the EU may offer more in the long run but Russia's compelling in the short run.
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@curtis for sure. i guess it's a question of a quick fix versus long-term goals. the fact that this movement has had considerable traction is pretty interesting regardless the outcome
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Yes, in the long term hopefully neither the US nor Russia will be so concerned about spheres of influence (not that the US is especially involved in this)
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