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EXO Xiumin Introduction

My name is Jen.
I will be doing cards for Xiumin on Saturdays.
I will try my best to bring you good cards!
Even after he enlists I will continue to support him through cards Best I can.
I got into EXO back in August of 2017. My introduction into KPop was from Chad Future and Drew Ryan Scott cover of Wolf.
And met some good friends who drug me into KPop deep! LOL
Country girl no more lol
My 2nd true KPop video was EXO’s Wolf. My fave video of EXO’s is Ko Ko POP.
I liked Baekhyun at first. And started doing cards for both Baekhyun and Xiumin. It was hard to choose between the two to give up so a new member of our group could have a member to support.
I fell in love with Xiumin’s eyes. And I just couldn’t let him go.
🤪🤪 Damn! Look at them eyes!!! 🤪🤪
I look forward to this year. Seeing him go off to the military and watching him grow further.
Wishing him the best!
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Nice to meet you.😊
😊 thank you! You too 😊
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