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With only two epic episodes left, the cast of 'Heirs' chose their most memorable scenes! Lee Min Ho: "Also, I am the second son and child of a mistress." "Starting from when the script landed in my hand, my heart was shaking. Thinking about Kim Tan's emotions and the situations he'll go through, my heart hurt so much that I wasn't able to erase the deafening sadness through the filming. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget this scene." Park Shin Hye: "Don't talk to me. Don't come close. Stop." "I spilled tears immediately reading the script for the scenes in which [Cha Eun Sang} cries in her mother's arms and avoids Kim Tan. Following the filming, I had a difficult time for a while due to the sorrowful emotions. I don't think I'll be able to forget this scene in the future." Kim Woo Bin: "Thank you. It's very delicious." "It is a scene in which I was able to indirectly portray Young Do's harbored hurt and sorrow." f(x)'s Krystal: "Kim Tan, your mother is here. Go! Hurry!" "Contrary to Young Do's cold exterior, I was able to feel his warm heart, so I liked [this scene] very much." CNBLUE's Minhyuk: "Tell Yoon Chan Young that I am apologetic." "Whenever I filmed a cute scene with Bona, I enjoyed filming it, but even when I watch it onscreen, I start smiling. It is an unforgettable scene." Kim Ji Won: "You laughed at me when you saw me earlier. Why did you laugh?" "The scene where I meet Eun Sang for the first time at the airport remains in my memory. The outspoken way Rachel snapped back at Eun Sang in Japanese left an impression on me." ZE:A's Hyungsik: "What are you saying crazy guy, dehet." "Thank you to the writer, director, and the entire staff who made me receive a lot of love as 'Dehet Myung Soo'."