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This went viral in Singapore - grin Fwah, fierce! A video of a young girl arguing with a middle-aged auntie over an MRT seat is going viral and it has all the makings of a truly "local production" -- spectacular Singlish, fashionably trendy Ah Lian, grumpy old auntie and of course, the obligatory "why you stare at me". First posted on STOMP, the 4-minute long video shows how what appears to be a minor disagreement blow up into a full-scale shouting match complete with Singlish and expletives -- all this in full view of amused commuters on a busy train. As of Wednesday afternoon, the original video on STOMP has over 70, 000 views. It's not clear how the argument started but it appears to be over an MRT seat reserved for the elderly and handicapped. Although it appears the young woman had already given up her seat, the older woman begins to lecture her over her bad manners, saying she "had to ask for the seat" and that the woman was "most probably coming from China." The younger woman initially tries to ignore the scolding by playing with her phone but when the auntie decides to take a photo of her to "show to the public", she finally shoots back a "death stare" and replies with "I let you sit, you still say so much for what?" As the auntie tries to take her photo again, she retorts with an outstretched finger, "You must take photo for f***!" to which the auntie replies "why you stare at me?!". The shouting match eventually ends when the young woman gets off at the next stop after Tanjong Pagar MRT, leaving the embarrassed auntie by her lonesome self. Now, who says MRT rides in Singapore are without (uniquely Singapore) drama? Source: yahoo Shin Min Daily News article on the Ah Lian vs Auntie Fight here! Kindly translated by Luka http://www.vingle.net/posts/25717-Ah-Lian-vs-Auntie-MRT-Fight-Shin-Min-news-report
ugly singaporean i know coz i have been living there before
i want to try this one time
Ah lian ah so showdown!
just realised that the video doesnt work! I just edited the card to stick in a video that works now
wow thanks Luka for the translation ... Kyle better be careful. He might get some killer stares coming from the Ah Lian for posting this video wahaha
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