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Santa Sushi Is A Thing.
So every Christmas, there's the eggnog, the gingerbread, the candy canes, and even that generic variety tin of three different popcorns, but maybe this 'Santa sushi' roll will become a new holiday staple food. (Okay, maybe not because I think the country's still polarized when it comes to raw seafood, but hey, guys! Check this out!) The good YouTubers of How To Make Sushi created a really awesome tutorial of how to make your own Santa sushi rolls at home. And while it's definitely too advanced for a beginner chef like me, it still doesn't stop me from watching the video the whole way through. For those of you who don't feel like watching a 10 minute video of some dude carving fish, I gifed up my favorite parts. Let's watch together, shall we? First, the sushi chef shaves the salmon down to make a perfectly red Santa hat. Boom. Add crab stick and a carrot and the hat is complete. Then, the beard is thrown together with fluffy sushi rice and some seaweed to create Santa's trademark jolly smile. Raspberry juice-stained rice is used to add color to his skin. (Am I the only one who thinks it looks a bit more like Kraang from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' right now?) Put it all together, and what do you get? Et voila! The Santa sushi roll is complete! So what do you guys think? Is this not the coolest thing ever? Am I the only one excited about this? Would you eat Santa's face too? Let me know I'm not the only easily amused one around here, okay?
What Are The Ridiculous Reasons Why These Kids Are Crying?
If you've ever babysat, parented, or pretty much existed within the general vicinity of a child for more than two minutes, you probably know that babies cry for the most nonsensical reasons. So do parents using Snapchat, who take that 24/7 baby-documenting that social media moms and dads are notorious for to a whole new level. They take a picture of their kid crying, they caption it with exactly WHY they're crying, share the picture, and boom. Instant hilarity. This is why people get convinced that babies and drunk adults are the same. Hey, you've got to let them teethe somehow, right? To be fair, waiting for freshly baked things to cool down is pretty much the worst. If it's a single-digit AM number, I'd be like this too. Imagine all the possibilities if you COULD though. He's not REALLY bad. Just a little misunderstood, right? Cue that 'Game Of Thrones' chant: "Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!" It's okay. She's going to be grateful she didn't when she's older. I'd probably collapse on the floor too. The freakin' PRESIDENT! Hey, it doesn't mean he can't be upset! I feel like a LOT of little girls think they can marry their dads. I know some grown men that would cry because of this too. I appreciate how easy it is to entertain kids. "Here's a tampon." I like that he's all ready with his little fork too. Okay, but this picture actually made me want a pet lobster. Go away, brother! You're ruining the ambiance! This girl just needs to grab control of her life. AND her fork for that matter. So have you been around a little one who cried for stupid reasons? Or maybe YOU were that little one? I know my dad always reminded me of the first time he shaved off his mustache. I cried for hours because he didn't look like my dad anymore! @VIPFreak2NE1 @YumiMiyazaki @TurtleyTurtles @AlexTalley @atmi @CelinaGonzalez @iixel @humairaa @LysetteMartinez @drummergirl691 @ZoilaObregon @AnimeFan4Evr @SarahRegulski @poeticandfunny @tokyo514 @Outcastname @RachelParker @FrankilliMambo @EasternShell @supbroscene @Baoyi @VeronicaArtino @YunBao @buddyesd @HandsomeBacon
Holiday Cheesecake Cookies
Cookie dough: 400 g all purpose flour 125 g confectioners’ sugar 200 g butter 1 egg pinch of salt Filling: 100 g sour cream 200 g cream cheese, room temperature 100 g sweetened condensed milk 2 tbs lemon juice strawberry jam To decorate: Red and green food colouring, and wooden skewers Instructions: 1. Let’s start preparing cookie dough. In a medium mixing-bowl, mix together all ingredientes to form a ball. 2. Divide the dough in two, and gather each portion into a slightly flattened ball. 3. Working with one ball of dough at a time, roll it out between two baking papers to a thickness of maximum 0,5 cm. 4. Using a beveled cookie cutter, cut out circles and drape one circle over each bowl cavity of pan, pressing to form smooth surface. (I used a mini cupcake pan) 5. Chill whilst preheating oven to 350º F (180 ºC) 6. Slip cookies into the oven to bake for 10-12 minutes, until golden. Remove from oven and let them cool on the pan for about 10 minutes 7. Let them cool completely on a wire rack 8. When cold, prepare cheese filling. Mix sweetened condensed milk, sour cream (or whip cream) and cream cheese on a medium bowl, until combined. Add lemon juice and mix well. 9. Place two tablespoons cheese cream on a small bowl, and another two tablespoons on a separate small bowl. Tint one of the bowls with red food colouring, and the other one with green food colouring. 10. Place 1 teaspoon strawberry jam on every cookie bowl. Fill with cheese cream. Use wooden skewers and red and green mixes to decorate 11. Keep in the fridge until set (about 4 hours if using sour cream, at least 24 hours if using whipping cream). They are better the next day. Can be stored several days on the fridge
How To Restrict Kids App Access On Android?
Child monitoring is essential in this digital world when they have access to the unrestricted internet. Children are glued to phone screens while studying, working or doing other stuff. If you are one of those parents, whose kids are finding it hard to get their eyes off from their phone screens, then it is the time to find a solution. So, to help your kids in finding the best solution from excessive app usage, we are sharing simple ways to restrict app access. Let's get started. What Is App Restriction? Application restriction is not just about controlling app permissions but limiting app access for a stipulated time. When teens own phones, they are most likely to lose track of time scrolling through their phones and avoiding their major activities. If kids fail to realize prolonged hours they spent on different apps, they are prone to vulnerable situations like cyber threats, and it may also trigger severe health issues. Do you remember the Blue Whale Game that courted controversy for encountering children through suicide challenges? Read more: 3  Ways To Block Kids From Installing Apps On Their Android Phone That's why you need to know how to restrict access to such similar apps with the Android tracking system. How To Restrict Kids App Access On Android? Step 1: Install a well known parental control app: Download one of the most popular child monitoring applications like Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is an Android phone monitoring software that provides an opportunity for parents to control and restrict their child's internet activity. You can install Bit Guardian from Google Play Store (for free) and safeguard your child's digital safety. Step 2: Add parents credentials to log in: Post app installation, you have to enter your credentials to start using the software. Step 3: Add your children: In Bit Guardian Parental Control, there is no restriction in adding a number of children. You can add infinite kids to manage their web activities simultaneously. You have to enter your (parents) credentials in your child's device. Step 4: Move to your child's settings: Here, you will see various tools to monitor and control teen's online tasks. Bit Guardian provides App Blocker, and App Install Blocker features to limit kid's app access. App Blocker: Go to App Block and enable this feature. Then, select the list of applications you want to block in your child's phone. Click to apply, and you are done! This function helps block unnecessary and unsuitable apps like dating, gambling, violent, etc. App Install Blocker: If your child has a habit of collecting a plethora of unwanted apps, then this tool is highly beneficial. It prevents kids from downloading new applications. Activate this function, and immediately, it will stop your teens from new app installation. Read also: 10 Reasons to use Parental Control Apps for Kids’ Safety Additionally, this child monitoring software has other functions also that protect children from excessive app usage, that includes: Time Schedule: This tool helps to set curfew hours on multiple applications on a child's smartphone. It also helps to set bedtime, which will close the running app on teen's gadget during sleeping hours. You have to define the start and end time to allow access to applications to kids. App Time Limit: This tool helps to create a group of alike applications and sets the time boundary on that group. Here, you can place restrictions on individual apps or groups by defining specific minutes/ hours for a child's use in a whole day. Read: Reduce Kid’s Screen Time using Parental Control App Step 5: Enable the functions: Once you are aware of the different functionalities this software offers, you can activate the required tools and place reasonable restrictions on your child's internet use. With Bit Guardian's Android tracking system, you can explore its functionalities and protects your child's digital interest. Download the app today!