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WayV - ‘Regular’ MV

Them visuals are something else!!!!!!!
YYYYAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I wished I could have heard all of their voices though
Yeah I agree!
poor WinWin
Poor WinWin and Hendery. Both barely got lines.
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12 Days of Smutmas Day 3 🎄🔞
Hello! Here is my day 3 for 12 Days of Smutmas. Please remember it's for mature readers only. *Who: Jackson x reader *What: smut A Perfect Christmas Wreath You unlocked your front with a sad sigh. You spent all day looking for a perfect Christmas wreath. You have the same problem every year. It takes you forever to find that perfect one. You walk in your apartment. You closed and lock the door back up. You take your coat and scarf off. As you hang them up, you realized it never taken you this long to find a Christmas wreath before. It's going to be Christmas in 2 days, and no wreaths. You sigh again as you walk to your kitchen to get a bottle of water. You opened it to take a drink. You look around your place. Everywhere you look, it has Christmas decorations. You did a great job on making your home look so festive. You're just missing the wreath. You walk in the living room to stare at the empty wall that you plan to put the wreath. With another sigh, you flipped the switch by the wall. Your place lights up from your decorations. It makes you feel a little better. You go sit down with your water. You pull out your phone to look online. You aren't giving up yet on the search. At time like this, you wish you were more crafty. Maybe next year, you think as you search. While you are browsing on a craft shop website,  the doorbell rings. You look up surprise because you aren't expecting anyone. Your boyfriend Jackson won't be in town until after the new year. Which kind of sucks because you are going to miss him so much. You get up from the couch to see who it is. You click on the video camera to see who is at your door. All you see is a giant size Christmas wreath being held by a man wearing a baseball cap and face mask. He had he's eyes covered with a pair of sunglasses. You get confused because you don't remember ordering a wreath. Just then, the guy rings the bell again. "Who is it?" You asked through the speaker. "Special delivery from your special person" Special person? You think to yourself. Your only special person is your boyfriend Jackson. You open the door to find out who sent you a wreath. Right in front of you is the most gorgeous Christmas wreath you ever saw. "Oh its so perfect! You exclaimed when you got a good look at the wreath. You can't believe the perfect wreath just suddenly appeared. Only one person knows what you were looking for. While you were holding the wreath, the guy takes off his glasses. You couldn't believe who it was. "Oh my God! Jackson?!" You jump on him to hug and kiss him. "Woah! Be careful of the wreath" he cautious you with laughing eyes. "It was hard finding this wreath" He carries the wreath inside. He walks in the living room. He knew exactly where to put it. There was already a couple of hooks to hold it up. You both stand back to admire it. "It's so perfect Jackson!" You gush with your hands together. You turn to Jackson "You saved my Christmas, Jackson. You made it perfect!" You said as you throw yourself at him. You leap up with your arms open. You wrap your arms and legs around him. You start kissing short pecks all around his face. Jackson starts laughing as he grabs your ass to hold you up. "Thank you! Thank you!" You say with every kiss. "I'm glad you love it. I know how crazy you are about Christmas wreaths." He teases you. That got him a playful slap on his shoulder. "You meanie! You are so lucky I love you so much" you pout playful at him. You circle your arms around his neck. You lean in to kiss him on his lips. You start slowing until he takes control of the kiss. He opens your mouth with his tongue. He pulls you closer by squeezing your ass cheeks. He kisses you until both out of breathe. He looks in your eyes and asks "How are going to thank me for your perfect wreath?" He smirks at you when you start squirming in his arms. You lean in to whisper, " it depends on how long you are staying. If you are staying awhile, I promise to make it worth your time and effort in finding me that perfect wreath." You start kissing his neck. You switch between kissing, licking and even some sucking. "Oh I'm definitely staying the night. I don't have to go back until tomorrow. I wanted to spend some time with my Angel before Christmas." He moans as you turn him on with your caress and kisses. "Then I am all yours for tonight and always." You tell him as you caress his lips with your fingertips. Jackson takes this as a sign to move forward. He carries you to the bedroom. He pauses in the doorway and chuckles. Your bedroom is like the rest of your place. It's full of Christmas decorations. You get embarrassed because you tend to over decorate. You can't help yourself. "It's okay angel! It's one of the things I adore about you" he reassures you while carrying you to the bed. He sits you down on your Christmas themed comforter. He starts kissing  while undressing you. With every cloth he removes, he is kissing and licking it. By the time he takes everything off, you are so turned on. You reach up to help him undress. You peel his underwear off, and his cock springs out. Jackson is so hard already. He's getting you more wet as he plays with your tits. He knows you love that. You both are moaning from the sensation of your bodies rubbing together. Jackson follows you as he pushes you down the mattress. He kneels between your legs to open them wide. "You're so beautiful angel. I can't hold back anymore. I've missed you so much. Especially this tight as pussy" He rubs your pussy and slides a finger in. He starts to finger fuck you slowly. He is using his thumb to rub your clit at the rhythm as his finger. It feels so good that you couldn't stop the loud moans coming out your month. He stops right before you start cumming. "No! Why did you stop?" You cried at him. Jackson was looking down at you. He starts licking his finger and thumb. It made you squirm and humping the air. "Oh but angel, aren't you supposed to thank me? I think you need to put in a little more effort." He replied with a smirk. You realized what he meant. With a giggle, you sit up to roll over to the nightstand. You open the top drawer. You get out a couple of condoms and flavored lube. You put them on the side of the bed. "Oh I got you baby boy!" You coyly say while you made him lay on his back. You start caressing his body. Once you get to his cock, he isn't laughing anymore. He's grabbing you as he is moaning. You reach the lube to pour it over his cock. You start rubbing in it. You're giving him a hand job with one hand and squeezing his balls with the other. The sounds he makes turns you on more. After licking the lube off, you roll the condom on his cock. You didn't need more lube because you're so wet. Your pussy juice is running down your inner thighs. You're so horny now, you can't wait another minute. You crawl over him. You throw your leg over his hips. You put your hands on his chest to steady your body over his. You grab his cock and gentle pull it off his stomach. You swat down over the tip of cock. With a fast downward, you impaled yourself with his cock. "Oh that feels so good angel!" He moans he grabs your hips. "Show me more angel" He goes more deep in your pussy. "Oh I'll show you how thankful I am to have a man like you." You tell him as you start to ride him. You're riding him hard. You lean slightly forward so can rub your clit. Jackson grabs your tits. He holds them up. He's pinching your nipples. You really getting into fucking him. You lean back and rest your hands behind you on his thighs. You start to moan when Jackson starts rubbing your clit. It feels so good with his cock in your pussy. It's getting close but you want to try something before cumming. You stop grinding on his cock. You stand up on the bed. You turn around and swat down. Jackson caressing your legs as encouragement. You adjusted his cock and slam down on it. You steady yourself on his chest. You reverse cowgirl fucking him. He grabs your tits while pumping his cock in your pussy. You both are moaning from the intense fucking. The bed is creaking and goaning from it. "I'm so close angel" Jackson warns you as he grabs your hips to slam your pussy harder down his cock. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Give me more baby! I'm so close" you goan as you meet his thrust and ride him harder. You are both are sweating so much. After a couple more minutes of more intense fucking. "Oh yessss! I'm cumming!!" You yells as your orgasm pours through your body. Jackson continues to fuck you through your orgasm until he goes faster and faster. He cums after a couple of seconds. He made you have another orgasm. He pulls you close as you both catch your breathe. You roll off and snuggle close to him. Jackson wraps his arms around you to pull you close. He kisses your head while pushing your hair off your face. He puts a finger under your chin. He lifts it up so he can look in your eyes. "Thank you for my Christmas Wreath" You tell him with a smile and gently kiss his lips. GOT7 Council @MelissaGarza @TaylorHill5 @Just2BLoved @luna1171 @Defsoul1994 Got7 Ahgases tag list @znae @TaylorHill5 @YulaGyeom @Just2BLoved @QueenPandaBunny @royalpandajedi @rocklvr @Starbell808 @QueenyCrossGene @gab143 @BoyGroupKpop @BabydollBre @luna1171 @lop0929 @LiyahBoon @Yugykookie97 @Summertim @Kyla05 @kpoplover2016 *Please comment if you would like to be added to Ahgases tag list*
Introductions To All 21 NCT Members (NCT 2019)
First I want to list every unit's most recent comebacks, I will also list songs only one member features on. -NCT U: Yestoday -NCT Dream: Candle Light (Station) -WayV: Dream Launch -Rocoberry, Doyoung: Don't Say Goodbye -NCT 127: Wakey-Wakey (Japanese) -Sohlhee (Ft. Taeil): Purple Okay onto the member's intros: We will be going from oldest to youngest! Hope you get to know them a bit more through this! I'm pulling all my information from my previous NCT 2018 Introduction card. Birth Name: Moon Tae Il Stage Name: Taeil Birthday: June 14th, 1994 Position: Vocalist Units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018 -Taeil debuted in NCT U's 'Without You.' -Taeil is the oldest member of NCT. -Taeil was recently featured in Sohlhee's song 'Purple,' I highly recommend checking it out! Birth Name: John Seo Korean Name: Seo Young Ho Stage Name: Johnny Birthday: February 9th, 1995 Position: Rapper, Vocalist Units: NCT 127, NCT 2018 -Johnny debuted in NCT 127's 'Limitless.' -Was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States. -Can speak English and Korean. -Check out Johnny's Communication Center here! -Johnny and Jaehyun used to have a night-radio show called NCT Night Night however, due to their busy concert schedules they've had to end the show. Birth Name: Lee Tae Yong Stage Name: Taeyong Birthday: July 1st, 1995 Position: Leader, Rapper Units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018 -Taeyong makes his first appearance (as a potential NCT member) in the pre-debut teaser 'Synchronization of your Dreams.' -Taeyong debuted in NCT U's 'The 7th Sense.' -He was featured in Red Velvet's 'Be Natural.' -Taeyong was featured in Yoo Youngjin's SM Station song 'Cure' and Hitchhiker's SM Station song 'Around.' -Watch Taeyong's freestyle dance here. Birth Name: Nakamoto Yuta Stage Name: Yuta Birthday: October 26th, 1995 Position: Vocalist, Rapper Units: NCT 127, NCT 2018 -Yuta debuted in NCT 127's 'Fire Truck.' -He is from Osaka, Japan. -He can speak Japanese and Korean. -Check out the latest blog Yuta filmed here. Birth Name: Qian Kun Stage Name: Kun Birthday: January 1st, 1996 Position: Vocalist Units: WayV, NCT 2018, NCT U(Unofficially) -He was featured in the Chinese version of NCT U's "Without You" but was not present in the MV for it. -Kun made his official debut in NCT 2018's 'Black On Black.' -Kun made his second debut in WayV's 'Regular' in January of 2019. -He is from Fujian, China. -He can speak Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. -See Kun do magic here! Birth Name: Kim Dong Young Stage Name: Doyoung Birthday: February 1st, 1996 Position: Vocalist Units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018 -Doyoung made his debut in NCT U's "The 7th Sense" and "Without You." -His older brother is the actor Gong Myung. -Check out his recent cover of IU's song 'Dear Name.' -Doyoung has a SM Station track with Gugudan's Sejeong called 'Star Blossom.' -Doyoung recently collaborrated with Rocoberry to sing the song 'Don't Say Goodbye.' Birth Name: Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul Stage Name: Ten Birthday: February 27th, 1996 Position: Vocalist, Rapper Units: NCT U, NCT 2018, WayV -Ten makes his first appearance (as a potential NCT member) in the pre-debut teaser 'Synchronization of your Dreams.' -Ten debuted in NCT U's "The 7th Sense." -He is the only member (other than Taeil's OST 'Because of You') to have a solo song. -He has had two SM Station songs, 'Dream in a Dream' and 'New Heroes.' -He can speak Thai, English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. -Ten debuted again in NCT's Chinese Unit, WayV. -Check out Ten's dance videos here: CoCo Chanel, Taki Taki, & Humble. -Ten also participated on Hit the Stage. Birth Name: Jung Yoon Oh Stage Name: Jaehyun Birthday: February 14th, 1997 Position: Vocalist, Rapper Units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018 -Jaehyun makes his first appearance (as a potential NCT member) in the pre-debut teaser 'Synchronization of your Dreams.' -Jaehyun debuted in NCT U's "The 7th Sense" and "Without You." -He is fluent in English. -Jaehyun has a SM Station track with d.ear called 'Try Again.' -Him and Taeil also have an OST called 'New Dream' under the unit name NCT U. Birth Name: Dong Si Cheng Korean Name: Dong Sa Sung Stage Name: WinWin Birthday: October 28th, 1997 Position: Vocalist Units: NCT 127, NCT U, NCT 2018, WayV -WinWin debuted in NCT 127's "Firetruck." -He is from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. -WinWin makes his first apppearance (as a potential NCT member) in the pre-debut teaser '#3 7th Sense.' -WinWin made his second debut in NCT U's 'Boss.' -He later also debuted in the temporary NCT 2018 unit. -His most recent debut was in WayV's 'Regular.' -He can speak Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. -WinWin was not present in NCT 127's 'Wakey-Wakey' MV and did not promote NCT 127's 'Simon Says' but still remains a member of that unit. Birth Name: Kim Jung Woo Stage Name: Jungwoo Birthday: February 19th, 1998 Position: Vocalist Units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018 -He made an appearance in Yesung of Super Junior's MV for "Paper Umbrella." -Jungwoo debuted in NCT U's 'Boss.' -Jungwoo was also in the temporary unit NCT 2018. -He made his second debut at the tenth member of NCT 127's in 'Regular.' Birth Name: Wong Yuk Hei Stage Name: Lucas Birthday: January 25th, 1999 Position: Rapper Units: NCT U, NCT 2018, WayV -He is half Thai and half Chinese. -He appeared in Ten's MV for "Dream in a Dream." -Lucas debuted in NCT U's 'Boss.' -He also appears in the temporary unit NCT 2018. -He is also in the Chinese unit WayV. -Lucas collaborated with Jonah Nilsson on the SM Station track 'Coffee Break.' Birth Name: Mark Lee Korean Name: Lee Min Young Stage Name: Mark Birthday: August 2nd, 1999 Position: Rapper Units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream(Graduated), NCT 2018 -Mark makes his first appearance (as a potential NCT member) in the pre-debut teaser 'Synchronization of your Dreams.' -Mark debuted in NCT U's "The 7th Sense." -He is from Vancouver, Canada. -Mark graduted from NCT Dream at the end of 2018, 'We Go Up' was his last comeback with them. However, you will also see him in NCT Dream's Station track 'Candle Light.' -He can speak English and Korean. -Mark has featured on two station tracks, one iwth Xiumin 'Young & Free' and another with Parc Jaejung 'Lemonade Love.' -Check out Mark's Simon Says: MOVE dance video here. Birth Name: Xiao De Jun Korean Name: So Deok Jun Stage Name: Xiaojun Birthday: August 8th, 1999 Position: Vocalist, Rapper Units: WayV -Xiaojun debuted in WayV's 'Regular.' -So far he has not debuted in any other NCT unit. -His father and brother are both involved in the music industry (in China.) -Watch Xiaojun sing with his father and brother here. Birth Name: Won Kun Hang/Huang Guan Heng Korean Name: Hwang Kwan Hyung Stage Name: Hendery Birthday: September 28th, 1999 Position: Rapper Units: WayV -Hendery debuted in WayV's 'Regular.' -So far he has not debuted in any other NCT unit. -Watch this video of him pre-debut. Birth Name: Huang Ren Jun Korean Name: Hwang In Joon Stage Name: Renjun Birthday: March 23rd, 2000 Position: Vocalist Units: NCT Dream, NCT 2018 -Renjun debuted in NCT Dream's 'Chewing Gum.' -He is from Jilin, China. -He grew up bilingual in Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. But he also understands a fair amount of English. -Watch Renjun customize his own shows here! Birth Name: Lee Je No Stage Name: Jeno Birthday: April 23rd, 2000 Position: Vocalist Units: NCT Dream, NCT 2018 -Jeno debuted in NCT Dream's "Chewing Gum." -He can play the violin. -Watch Jeno & Jisung dance to Taemin's 'Want' here. Birth Name: Lee Dong Hyuck Stage Name: Haechan Birthday: June 6th, 2000 Positions: Vocalist Units: NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT 2018 -Haechan debuted in NCT 127's "Firetruck." -The mood maker of the group. -Haechan also debuted in NCT Dream's 'Chewing Gum.' -Watch Haechan and Mark's pre-debut cover of 'Billionaire.' -Haechan suffered an injury that prevented him from touring with NCT 127 during their world tour. -Haechan was present again in NCT 127's 'Wakey-Wakey' comeback MV however, he was not in the choreo. Good news is he has joined the rest of the tour and is fully healed now! Birth Name: Na Jae Min Stage Name: Jaemin Birthday: August 13th, 2000 Position: Vocalist, Rapper Units: NCT Dream, NCT 2018 -Jaemin debuted in NCT Dream's "Chewing Gum." -Jaemin wasn't present in Dream's "My First and Last," "We Young," and "Joy" as he was on hiatus due to an injury. -Jaemin's injured healed and has been back starting from NCT Dream's 'Go.' -Jaemin is currently starring in a web-drama! Check it out here! Birth Name: Liu Yang Yang Stage Name: YangYang Birthday: October 10th, 2000 Position: Vocalist, Rapper Units: WayV -Yangyang debuted in WayV's 'Regular.' -So far he has not debuted in any other NCT unit. -Yangyang was born in Taiwan but he's also lived in Germany and held residency there making his nationality Chinese-German because of this he can speak German. -Listen to Yangyang speak German here. Birth Name: Zhong Chen Le Korean Name: Jong Jin Rak Stage Name: Chenle Birthday: November 22nd, 2001 Position: Vocalist Units: NCT Dream, NCT 2018 -Chenle debuted in NCT Dream's "Chewing Gum." -He is from Shanghai, China. -He can speak Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. -His family is very rich, his mother moved to Seoul and bought a house so Chenle doesn't stay in the dormitory but with his mother. See his family here. -Chenle was quite popular in China as a child singer before his debut in NCT. Check out his cover of 'Hey Jude' here. Birth Name: Park Ji Sung Stage Name: Jisung Birthday: February 5th, 2002 Position: Maknae (Currently), Vocalist, Rapper Units: NCT Dream, NCT 2018 -Jisung debuted in NCT Dream's "Chewing Gum." -He is currently the youngest member of the group. -Jisung was on the TV Show 'Dancing High.' -Jisung can understand English however is not confident in speaking it because he feels his pronunciation is not good. - - - - Pre-Debut NCT Videos you should watch: (I won't be linking them here.) SR14B (Taeyong) - Open the Door SR14B (Taeyong, Hansol, Johnny) - Super Moon SR15B (Taeyong, Ten, Jaehyun, Johnny, Yuta, Hansol) - 0701 SR15B-0701 (Taeyong, Ten, Jaehyun, Johnny, Yuta, Hansol) - Bassbot SMRookies Show #1 The Origin #2 Synchronization of your Dreams #3 7th Sense - - - - I hope this helped out some of you! - Zen Council: @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @awkwardjazzy @MelissaGarza @QueenyCrossGene @Changkyunie @InfiniteUtopia NCTzen: @SimplyAwkward @IsoldaPazo @OppasManBun @jademarie4567 @Starbell808 @Karinamiramda81 @bapastro @PrincessUnicorn @JohnEvans @ElanorKriegel @sukkyongwanser @KenyaMendoza @ParkKyungSoon @JiyongLeo @AlexisJ15 @vkookie47 @simpsonsamantha @KpopIsPleasing @rocklvr @QueenPandaBunny @Yugykookie97 If you'd like to be tagged or untagged please let us know!