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Hey guys, I've been away for a long time haha. I've been uploading cards frequently to the Korean Vingle Community. But haven't been doing that for the English Community Sorry! I came back to share this helpful site that has good collection of typographic education resources. And it's FREE to download! There are currently 12 units listed, and you can even download them all in a single bundle: (Go the the link i have attached at the bottom of the image i have posted). ▪ Meet Your Type ▪ The Typographer’s Glossary ▪ Erik Spiekermann’s Typo Tips ▪ Type Anatomy ▪ The Right Font for the Job ▪ Figuring It Out ▪ What Is OpenType? ▪ Styles, Weights, and Widths ▪ Helvetica ▪ Webfonts ▪ Licensing 101 Hope that this would help your design skills grow! Especially with typography! http://typedeck.com/fontshop-education/ http://www.fontshop.com/education/
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