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At the party, JS and Chairman Kim greet their guests together. When out of earshot, JS comments on all the people still lining up behind Chairman Kim, and he bemoans that fact that his one sons are not. JS then comments that KA must still think she is dating Chairman Kim, seeing how see left the house. Dad compares KA to JS, saying JS is quiet and obedient, thinking about taking his wealth Tan’s relatives (his dad’s siblings and nephews) come to greet JS and Chairman Kim with all the pleasantries they can fake, commenting about Tan and about the Chairman’s health. The girl that Won had that “date” with as his potential marriage partner also comes to greet JS and Chairman Kim with her father. I’m going to call her Yang as that is what her last name seems to be. vlcsnap-2013-12-12-00h06m34s199 vlcsnap-2013-12-12-00h06m40s9 MS is fooling around with the camera, taking selfies of his aegyo, but when his eyes meet Chairman Kim, and MS nervously puts down his camera. If looks can kill… BN and CY are also here at the party, and all of sudden BN exclaims, “Oh my god, oppa?!” She runs over to a man and links arms, which causes CY to frown and get jealous. BN brings in the man over to CY, and CY starts chiding her about linking arms with a strange man. When BN informs him that this guys is her brother, who had been studying in New York, CY immediately puts his claws down, and stands nervously with his hands clasped together in front of him. HS, MS, and BN have a laugh at the expense of CY’s discomfort as BN’s brother puts his arms around him. vlcsnap-2013-12-12-00h14m11s155 Won walks into the party, and he sees that Yang woman. They talk separately, and when Won asks if she didn’t bring her boyfriend today, she replies that her boyfriend can’t come to a place like this because he is poor. Instead she brought her rich father. She asks if Won has a girlfriend, and he replies yes. At that, Yang comments that maybe that is why they look good together. Her dad told her to get married to him. Won replies, “We don’t look good together” (in the same way that Tan said to YD before that he and ES look good together in another episode. Brothers, indeed). The woman says it doesn’t matter to her. Tan and ES arrive at the party’s red carpet. Tan leaves the car first. Then ES follows. They stand face to face as the reporters take pictures. Tan asks ES if she is nervous. ES replies, “Yes, a bit.” Tan: “It’s an honor because you are here with me by my side right now, Cha Eun Sang.” They hold hands and walk into the party together. vlcsnap-2013-12-12-00h22m55s28 They enter the party and the reporters are busy taking pictures. Tan brings ES over to his dad. Everyone else at the party looks surprised. BN doesn’t like CY looking at ES. Ha. Dad looks at the hands Tan and ES are holding. JS reminds dad that there are reporters. Tan says hi to his other relatives. They ask who ES is. He introduces her as his girlfriend. The relatives say ah, its because of her that the engagement broke off? Reporters start asking for a statement and Dad has them sent away. Privately, he yells at ES and Tan asking how they could come here like that. Tan says he wanted to show off ES to the world. Tan says he doesn’t want the world that dad is promising him more than ES. He asks for Dad to give them permission. Dad says yes. Go ahead. He says he is not giving him permission. It’s more that he will see Tan regret this one day as well as ES. Dad then asks if KA is in this hotel. He says to Tan don’t think that I lost to you. I’m being easy on you. He leaves. ES asks if they got permission or were threatened. Tan says permission that can turn to threat anytime. ES asks if they can now date. Tan confirms. ES says happy birthday. They hug. Tan says let’s start the real birthday party with KA, who can’t even go to her son’s birthday party. Tan shows up at KA’s door with birthday cake. Mom looks happy to see Tan and ES. Inside the room, KA says happy birthday, son, I’m happy you were born as my son. Tan blows out candle, says he already made a wish, and it’s a secret. Tan then hangs a key necklace on his mother’s neck. He says thank you for giving birth to me. He wishes that the days she lived as Kim Tan’s mom were happy. KA says of course. KA asks how Tan and ES came back from the party alive. Tan says that dad allowed it. KA says he lost. KA also asks where ES’s mom is living now. Next day, KA and ES go to ES’s mom. KA hugs ES’s mom, and KA worries about how tired Es’s mom looks. KA and ES’s mom walk arm in arm to ES’s house, KA asking if she missed her. ES calls Tan, and ES asks where is my boyfriend. Tan has come to Zeus Hotel. YD and Tan sit. Tan thanks YD for his mom, and this makes YD uncomfortable and shy. Tan starts to leave. YD says I didn’t lose my mom because of you. She just left first. But I needed you to be angry at. Tan says he knows and leaves. YD at the studio and he looks sadly at the pictures of Tan and ES at the party. MS comes in worried. He shows YD a poster he made that forbids ES and Tan from coming to the studio. YD practices Judo hard. KA and ES’s mom drink together. ES’s mom writes how could KA just leave the house when she isn’t young and doesn’t have a job. KA says she is receiving the punishment now for wanting another woman’s man. She hasn’t been able to be one man’s husband, or one son’s mother. KA says she is going to the bathroom and leaves. ES’s mom finds KA crying her heart out at the beach. She just sits silently next to KA, and lets her cry. ES and Tan meet in a café, but it is coincidence. ES has come to meet some man, and Tan gets angry. Turns out it is Won. ES and Tan are arguing about where ES is moving too. Won suggests she go back to the apartment, but ES says she will just go back to her old neighborhood. ES says she can’t move in to the apartment because who knows what will happen to them in the future. She can’t live without him right now but who knows if they will break up. Tan says their future is that he can’t live without her right now. They argue cutely, and Won smiles. Tan takes ES to her mom and asks for her permission for them to formally date. KA comes into the room. She asks if ES’s mom is against them. ES’s mom says she can’t give permission because ES has been hurt so much because of that family. KA says Tan is more dear so why be against it. ES’s mom says ES is also dear. Tan is asking ES what mom is saying- Mom is giving ES a curfew and such. ES just lies and says that mom is saying good things, so mom is about to hit ES, but Tan blocks, and gets hit himself. He says he won’t file charges if she gives permission. Mom silently goes back to folding laundry, with smile on face. Tan and ES thank her for her permission. KA also helps with the laundry. ES is moving to her new place, and is surprised to see Tan coming out of the new place already. He covers her eyes as she leads her into the place. He has prepared a video of ES . He back hugs her as they watch- ES smiling, saying bye. ES says she looks pretty, and the two play around and joke, with ES giving him a peck on the cheek. School cafeteria. R runs into YS, and the other girls look down on R because of her family things. They says they were nice to her before because she was Tan’s fiancé. YD from the next table says isn’t it good enough that she is YD’s sister. Girls leave. YD walks R out of the cafeteria, R asking if YD can’t go back to being mean and put up his hair. R comments that YD is not feared by the other kids too much anymore. She also asks about his dad’s company….She leaves. YD sees ES coming to school but he just walks past her. Krystal and ES talk. Krystal tells ES not to come close to her since the results are out. ES makes her way to the final exams score poster, but Tan is hiding the results from everyone. When he sees ES, he tears it off and runs away but ES calls him back, and then steals it herself. They continue to bicker outside, and seeing that the results is folded inside ES’s wallet, he steals it from her. ES doesn’t have time to get it back because of a text. CY has uploaded the results knowing Tan might steal it. MS placed last. Kim Tan is 50th. He looks happy saying there is finally middle in life. YD has gotten 27th, ES compliments YD, and Tan gets jealous. She also compliments CY, and he gets mad again. He asks what place ES is in, but ES runs away. He chases. YD and dad have a judo match. YD wins! Finally! Dad-you won for the first time. What do you want? YD replies mom. Tell me where she is. Dad says he can’t tell him because he doesn’t now. YD replies “that’s fortunate” because at least his dad hasn’t been hiding her from him. YD is at the restaurant again and the lady working there sees his name plate and gives him a business card left for him by some woman. Tan stops BN in the hallway. He asks if BN knows ES’s style. In broadcast room, BN, ES, and HS have meeting. They are planning something with another school. BN and Krystal gossip about the good looking people in that school. HS immediately calls Tan and CY. ES and BN are meeting with two male students from another school at the café. Tan and CY show up. Tan calls out “yeobo” meaning spouse, and CY and Tan chase the other kids out. Tan and CY and BN and ES battle it out with each other making each other jealous and such. Alone, ES and Tan talk about how Tan gets jealous. Tan is about to walk away and ES yells out when he is going to give back her wallet. He throws her a bag and says he is so happy fighting like this, not about anything else, and hope they keep doing it. ES opens the bag. It is wallet and it has Tan’s picture in it. Yoon walks into a old looking café. He looks surprised to see Esther there already. They sit down and talk together about E breaking up engagement, and Yoon becoming vice president. Yoon asks if R is okay. E says R cried- she liked Tan a lot but she didn’t know how to. Esther couldn’t teach her because she herself didn’t know. E is looking back at her life and only knew how to live as rich, etc,. living without Yoon. KA and Tan share a drink. Tan says KA is now his dad too. Tan asks what KA will do. KA says she will walk everywhere, not just from the house to the department store. Tan says he will hold her hand walking, so KA says okay just tomorrow and then go back to dad. Tan says he won’t. Daddy kim is alone in his house, and he feels a dizzy spell. He then sees an image of high school Won and Kid Tan. Kid Tan runs to him for a hug, but daddy kim can’t hug him because Won is looking. The dizziness returns and dad collapses. He is rushed to hospital. Tan rushes to hospital. Won is on his way. KA too. Doctor is saying that dad is in a coma- brain hemorrhage?- can’t do surgery. All they can do is hope he wakes up for now. KA holds Daddy Kim’s hand. Won and Tan look worried and teary eyed. JS is in her office, looking a bit worried too? Her brother comes in urging JS to move now to remove Daddy Kim and Won. JS is hesitant and can’t make up her mind. Brother reminds her of what she suffered. Yoon is talking to Won and Tan. Won knows what JS will probably do. KA sits by Daddy Kim’s side. Tan comes in, tells her to go home. He tells her that something might be up with JS and he doesn’t want her to meet with JS here. She understands and leaves. Tan sighs. JS is talking to Tan’s relatives saying she doesn’t trust that Won and Tan will be able to take care of the company. She reminds them that the company could have belong to them too. She tells them to line up behind her. YD sits with the business card in front of him, thinking. He gets up and goes to the hotel kitchen to wash dishes and the other employees whisper about something. YD getting the hint goes to his dad’s office and finds a bunch of men packing up the files. YD asks his dad what is happening but dad just tells him to get out, sadly. Tan sits watching his dad. He slowly holds his dad’s hand. JS enters the hospital room. She asks where KA is. Tan says JS is late. JS says she had a lot to handle since it is unlikely that Chairman Kim will get up. Tan says he will. JS speaks to Daddy Kim pointing out that JS has become Tan’s legal guardian now that daddy kim is like that. Tan says to leave his stocks alone since he will give Won control of them. JS says go ahead, something something. Won comes in. JS-“I see now that you two are alike.” She leaves. Won tells Tan to not worry- he is not at that age to worry yet. He tells him to go home and rest. Tan leaves. He is heading back to his mom’s hotel room. He thinks about what JS said to him, welcoming him into a world full of ambition where people take away and take away. Tan heads to the rooftop. He looks out into Seoul. He then notices YD is there too. YD notices too now. They face each other. Silent. They go back to staring out into Seoul, each lost in their own world, burdened by new troubles yet understanding each other. via jooni
thanks for sharing the story.. Love it!