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‘The Heirs’ Cast Handwrites Messages on the Final Episode’s Scripts Upon receiving the final copies of the script, the actors and actresses commented, “This script holds our previous memories.” The hero of the drama Lee Min Ho wrote, “It was an honor to take part in making 2013 a shining year. Let’s all stay healthy and achieve our goals, fighting! Kim Tan, you’re so handsome.” Heroine Park Shin Hye wrote, “Thank you for the hard work in the past four months. I give my hand for your hard work and dedication, overcoming your stress and fatigue! I thank you and love you! I’ll miss you very much.” Kim Woo Bin wrote, “I was happy filming with so many good people. Thank you for your hard work. I hope you always stay healthy, and see you in another project. I love you all.” ‘The Heirs’ Cast Handwrites Messages on the Final Episode’s Scripts Kim Ji Won wrote, “I was able to complete filming as ‘Rachel’ due to all your support and guidance. Thank you,” and ZE:A’s Hyung Sik wrote, “I was always happy going to the filming site due to the bright atmosphere of our team, so I was able to enjoy filming too. Thank you for all your hard work.” F(x)’s Krystal also wrote, “Thank you for your hard work. Hope you wrap up the rest of this year well and remember ‘Bbona’! Have a happy new year everyone!” and CN Blue’s Kang Min Hyuk wrote, “Thank you for your hard work, director, writer and all the staff. I will never be able to forget ‘Chan Young.’” Choi Jin Hyuk who acted as Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho)′s brother wrote, “You all went through a lot filming in the cold weather. Thank you for your work,” and Lim Ju Eun wrote, “I was happy because of you all. Stay healthy, and see you again.” Kang Ha Neul wrote, “I feel like I’m dreaming as I get to leave my name in this script. The drama site was always warm due to your support and encouragement throughout filming.” The members of the cast received much praise by showing teamwork and passion until the last scene was filmed. The staff commented, “It’s so touching to see the actors and actresses show their passion until the end. It’s unreal to think this is the last filming. What are we going to do if we miss them?” The drama production company Hwa & Dam pictures also stated, “We give our applause to the cast of The Heirs. We thank all the cast and staff for withstanding the weight of the ‘crown’ for the past four months.” cr: The Heirs 상속자들