lee min ho
this is new adam, where is eva lee min ho
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para todo hay gustos, right? if you like the picture, great. I know that LMH would probably NOT do a naked picture. I don't know if this is an ad for underwear, but the pose is BAD. if you notice his left hand is down by his "junk", then there's the clover with that long stem covering the package. do you see what I mean?
4 years ago·Reply
Very bad taste...should be taken off this site.
4 years ago·Reply
@wodergirl, I agree with you.
4 years ago·Reply
This body is not lee min ho, this was a joke of his Minoz.!
4 years ago·Reply
Not good take it away our sweet boy does not deserve this prank it's a horrid pic
3 years ago·Reply