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http://vod.sbs.co.kr/onair/onair_index.jsp?Channel=SBS LAST Roll Call for HEIRS are we ready ladies ... grab your popcorn, pop, best friend, pillows, blankets ... tissue box for what it's worth ... it's been my guilty pleasure ... I gonna MISS My fav OTP Young DO n MyungSOO the resident CC ChanYoung n BoNA AND of course our Melancholic Prince Charming Tan n Cinderella EunSang ... ... xx get READY to CATCH all the ACTION in 30 mins ~ 10 pm Korean time @nylamrehs @stephiikins @wondergirl @christy @misswhatever @congtuafang @mayurachoi @irelis27 @pandapieee @annbhoi @suranimh @rmbs @monette @amyling @Icscook @daniselane773 @tyta468 @llenzycris @monette @dramacrazy @karen @lymuniroth @hellohi01 @lindalimlinglin @sofeaamrez @nylamrehs @deanloveradh @monettesky @lynespanol @gago @allie2013 @bquimzon @mariamatillano @deanloveradh @divalycious @bitbybit @whilmsky @hufflepuff @ruizangelofluv @hebamaher @Monettesky @yuan20 @krissilva75 @Siennabebs @dawnalvin
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