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Young Do finally musters the strength to face his mother. She immediately recognizes him when he enters the café. She echoes the message she left him on the tagged wall: "Are you doing well?" Youn Do answers no. Young Do begins to cry, and his mother soothingly cups his face, wiping the tear from his cheek. "Mom. Mom. Mom." Young Do lets the familiar word fall from his lips. She apologizes for not seeing him soon. They embrace, firmly holding onto each other, as though not wanting to lose the other. Initially, Young Do was my most hated character, and now, he's my favorite. I wanted him to grow just so I could stop loathing him, but he has developed in a way that makes me wish him the brightest future. Much of the compassion I have for the character is owed to Kim Woo Bin's acting. Kim Woo Bin outshines everyone in every scene, and I think that's difficult when acting opposite an equally charismatic Lee Min Ho.
A warm touching scene that finally ends well for one sadden son.
Aaawwwww!! So sweet!!