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Community Rules and Guidelines

So it has been brought to the attention of many preisdents and council members of the different communities that there has been some harrassing/bullying going around. As well as irrelevant and inappropriate conversations going on in the chats. So below are the guidelines for the chats and being part of the communities.

1. No Bullying or Harrassing

We do not tolerate any bullying or harrassing of any sort. If you are being bullied or harrassed please bring it to the attention of the president of the community.

2. Chats Are Public

Chats are public. The chat to talk the preisdent of your community is to bring attention to problems in the community. Or make a suggestion of what you would like to see more of in the community. Chats can be made separately, but they still need to relate to the community.

3. Be Respectful

Please be respectful. Nothing inappropriate is to be said or discussed in chats. If a president or a council member asks you to change the subject of a topic, do not argue with them.

4. Cards Being Approved

Communities with presidents and council members must approve any cards submitted. We will not approve them if they are deemed inappropriate, irrelavent, or to be spam.

We want to make and keep Vingle as a safe and peaceful community. Please be repsectful of all rules and towards your fellow Vinglers.


~Monbebe Travellers~

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