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1: Keep active Walk wherever you can as often as you can, to get your coffee, to the post office and instead of lying on the beach go for a snorkel or a swim! 2: Drink lots of water Everyone always says this but it’s a must! I try and drink 3 liters a day - and sometimes more if I’m in really hot places. 3: Eat fruit and veggies My diet consists predominantly of fruit and veggies, I stay away from processed food and sugars! 4: Be happy and positive If you get in a downwards spiral it’s not good. There’s a positive in every negative situation - find it and focus on it. It will help you get through the day. Spending a bit of time outside or in nature each day helps with this!!! 5: Use sunscreen I spend so much time in the sun so sunscreen is really important. But remember to remove your sunscreen at the end of the day as well. If you don’t your pores will get clogged and your skin won’t absorb your moisturizer. 6: Keep everything hydrated: conditioner for your hair, body oil, face cream and lip chap. When your skin is dehydrated you look older - moisturize to prevent wrinkles and aging.
No it has everything to do with enhancing the body and she is so right! Your diet is about 75% and the other 25 is exercise
Yeah I agree her tips seem to have nothing to do with enhancing the body
her tips are not relevant, but this picture is