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Switch it up Being a world-class surfer requires a fit physique, but Blanchard mixes up her workouts out of the water. “I try to change it up as much as I can,” she tells Dirtbag Darling. “It just depends on where I am. Sometimes even jumping rope and doing some lunges or doing a workout on the beach can be fun and hard.” She also incorporates bike riding and swimming into her routine. Get your heart pumping Blanchard is a fan of high-intensity workouts over other forms of cardio to get her heart rate up. “I love interval training and sprinting up stairs,” she says. She also practices boxing on her days off. Lift, even if you don’t lift heavy Blanchard knows weight training is essential to building muscle mass and strength, but she prefers using 10 pound to 20 pound weights to add subtle definition to her arms, core and legs. Target specific areas of your body Now about that bottom—Blanchard’s secret weapon isn’t that secret. “I do a lot of lunges and squats for my booty,” she confesses, “ I think they are the best for your butt.” She also targets her core, an essential part of her stability on a board. Don’t forget about diet Blanchard is an advocate of the old adage that “abs are made in the gym but shown in the kitchen,” opting for clean snacks like green smoothies. “I’m kind of a salad freak,” she says. Banish excuses Constant travel could easily knock her workout routine off the tracks, so Blanchard plans ahead by always packing a jump rope and resistance band so she has no excuses not to break a sweat. Give yourself a break Blanchard is her own worst critic, but she knows the importance of taking it easy on herself. “I try to take the pressure off myself and just have fun,” she explains. “It’s sometimes hard to do that though, because I’m pretty competitive and hard on myself. I guess it’s just finding that balance between striving hard and enjoying it along the way.”
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