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3 Netflix Drama's

Have you heard about a new Drama lately and just no idea where to find it?
Heh I stumbled upon this recently with a drama that I kept hearing about on Soompi. . . I swear Netflix is really starting to tap into Origional K Drama's!

Romance is a Bonus Book is the newest weekly KDrama on every Saturday. So far there are 4 episodes out!

● ☆ ● ☆ ● ☆ ● ☆ ● ☆ ●

The second is a Period Drama which is Complete.

•◇• •◇• •◇• •◇• •◇• •◇• •◇• •◇•

The Third is a Hospital Drama which is also finished
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fam tag! new updated list!
I love Kingdom. I can't wait until 2nd season starts!
I will have to check these out.
I've been watching Kingdom and only 6 episodes are out on Netflix. It's pretty gruesome.
@JaxomB I saw its not many episodes and how they are working on season 2. Good to know its on the gruesome side, thanks for the tip off on it 😊 I hadnt known for sure
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