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It's awesome to see a big city dedicate this amount of money to make bicycling within the city easier and more accessible. Currently, San Diego has about 500 miles of bike-friendly infrastructure. The new plan not only assesses the existing infrastructure, it also includes 878 miles of additional infrastructure, increased bicycle parking, improved bicycle signage, and bicycle safety courses. Highlights for the Bicycle Coalition include: Bike share – San Diego County unanimously approved the implementation of a bike share system with DECO Bikes to implement as early as January 2014 CicloSDias – In the recent success of San Diego’s first-ever open streets celebration, the plan incorporates an outline for future CicloSDias events Safety enhancements – The plan increases safety precautions for bicyclists such as green and expanded bike lanes
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@JustinRay West coast cycling is much better than East coast, but be careful out there. There are still plenty of crazy drivers
@BikeSnob I have learned this truth. @JustinRay I would have thought NC would be nicer than most places for cycling. No?
@teamwaffles It wasn't bad just wasn't friendly. No bike lanes, no races, no trails, and not many cyclists there either.
@JustinRay That's too bad :(. Well I'm happy you are in a good spot now!
@caricakes you doing the bike the coast in November?