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Over the past month or so I have been cramping very easily during runs. Usually the cramping starts in my calves and then travels to my glutes. It's really limiting what I can do - at least workout wise. Any suggestions? I have tried electrolyte balances, hydrating, and other obvious tactics.
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stretching before running
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I used to get these a lot when I was younger. my doctor said I didn't have enough calcium and potassium in my diet. my cousin gets these too mostly during or after his soccer games. stretching and message seem to work for him. he's also eating more potassium rich foods. don't know if this helps but try talking to a doctor or physical therapist they will definitely help you.
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@dangleberry I use to get charley horses all the time. Someone told me to eat bananas to help increase the potassium in your body!
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Mix a bottle of water with a little salt, a little sugar & 2 teaspoons lemon juice. I use it when I go for swimming. Be sure it works! :-)
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Did you ever get this resolved? If not - I have a different theory. Sciatic nerve - Sounds like your lower back is having issues. Referred pain from a pinching of the nerve between L5-S1 can cause muscle pain - from dull to sharp that radiates between your calve and buttock. This can be caused from disc compression which can be lasting and severe - to muscle issues which only strangulate the nerve when your back is strained - such as during intense exercise.
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