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I want new friends

I'm bored and i want to chat, if you are down, comment
New friends? What happened to the old ones?
they gone sucking the energy of people that don't know who they are in reality😢
CanadianToker - are you an alter ego of ash or just know some of the context?
Canadian here too. Near Niagara Falls, Ontario
where's your pic at
If u really wants new friends then visit Free Phone Chat options They provide you perfect platform to find the match of your dreams, irrespective of the fact that whether you are looking for a friends to talk, companion to date or partner for having serious relationship, you will be able to achieve your each and every desire.
i promise baby ill be a friend.
i would love to chat too!!
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Vingle Wants YOU To Be Honored as a Pioneer
Hello Vinglers! Within the past few months, Vingle has undergone quite a few changes in how our communities run, including the addition of features like Talk and Q&A! We know many of our older members have been waiting a long time for one particular update, and we’re happy to announce it is here! Our new community government system is finally ready, with a lot of exciting changes. Be sure to update your app to experience it all! We’d like to introduce to you, the role of President! Presidents’ roles and responsibilities will be much greater than our previous Moderators, and they will have a much larger Staff to collaborate with! The Roles and Rights of Presidents: - Presidents have access to the Citizen Desk, a system that facilitates content management to check if there is spam/ads, improperly sexual or violent content or irrelevant content among cards that are submitted to your Community. For help, check out the Content Guideline!) - In the future Presidents will have the ability to create Labels, which can organize content into specific groups. For an example, check out the Labels in Japanese Anime. - Presidents will make sure the community remains a safe place for all members, by keeping an eye out for disagreements or problems between members. - In the future Presidents will have the ability to enlist the help of other members for roles such as Editor in Chief, Whiz, Host, and more! We will fully explain these roles when they are introduced :) - The first President of a community will be known as a Pioneer to mark their achievement! As an example, you can check out VingleEnglish who is the president of the Kpop community and Funny Community. Don't worry, official Vingle accounts will retire from their post to make room for Vinglers, it's just an example :) If you would like to run for President of a Vingle community, please fill out this form Further positions that will support the president and the community will be introduced, so please look forward to having lots of opportunities to participate! For the Vinglers who kept up the responsibilities of Moderators all this time, your hard work has not gone unnoticed! You’re the reason why Vingle communities are such a positive place that continues to grow. We’re excited to see how our communities thrive with the new system, and we’re so happy you’ll be a part of it!
Namjoon Personality Types: Are you wifey material...extended explanation
Que tal peeps! Disclaimer Since Namjoon is the "deep thinker" this will explain this personality thing in depth (kinda). 1. Just because your personality type is not a "pefect match" does not mean you could not be a good match. All relationships regardless has pros and challenges. 2. Honestly yoir personality type may not describe you as a whole. I'm a Commander. I'm very blunt x leader like when on a team. However when I'm in a relationship I'm totally different! Different codes and meanings... How you may match with other personalities Funny way to debunk stereotypes of personality types Now on to Namjoon.... INFPs present a calm, pleasant face to the world. They appear to be tranquil and peaceful to others, with simple desires. In fact, the INFP internally feels his or her life intensely. In the relationship arena, this causes them to have a very deep capacity for love and caring which is not frequently found with such intensity in the other types.  Strengths 1. Warmly concerned and caring towards others 2. Sensitive and perceptive about what others are feeling 3. Loyal and committed - they want lifelong relationships 4. Deep capacity for love and caringDriven to meet other's needsStrive for "win-win" situations 5. Nurturing, supportive and encouraging 6. Likely to recognize and appreciate other's need for space 7. Able to express themselves well 8. Flexible and diverse Weaknesses 1. May tend to be shy and reserved 2. Don't like to have their "space" invaded 3. Extreme dislike of conflict 4. Extreme dislike of criticism 5. Strong need to receive praise and positive affirmation 6. May react very emotionally to stressful situations 7. Have difficulty leaving a bad relationship 8. Have difficulty scolding or punishing others 9. Tend to be reserved about expressing their feelings 10. Perfectionistic tendancies may cause them to not give themselves enough credit 11. Tendency to blame themselves for problems, and hold everything on their own shoulders Source INFPs as Lovers INFPs feel tremendous loyalty and commitment to their relationships. With the Feeling preference dominating their personality, harmony and warm feelings are central to the INFP's being. They feel a need to be in a committed, loving relationship. If they are not involved in such a relationship, the INFP will be either actively searching for one, or creating one in their own minds. Sexually, the INFP is likely to be initially slow to open up to their mates. Once their trust has been earned, the INFP will view sexual intimacy as an opportunity for expressing their deep-seated love and affection. More than the actual sexual act, they will value giving and receiving love and sweet words. With their tendency to enjoy serving others, they may value their mates satisfaction above their own. Matches Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, INFP's natural partner is the ENFJ, or the ESFJ. INFP's dominant function of Introverted Feeling is best matched with a partner whose dominant function is Extraverted Feeling. The INFP/ENFJ combination is ideal, because it shares the Intuiting way of perceiving, but the INFP/ESFJ combination is also a good match.  @strawberrylover @sukkyongwanser @TaeSky @divanicola05 @BabydollBre @SimplyAwkward @QueenPandaBunny @Vay754 @MissMinYoongi @EvilGenius @punkpandabear @Seera916 @VeronicaArtino @RKA916 @jiminakpop @PolarStarr @jjrockstar @SarahHibbs @kitkatkpop @simpsonsamantha @AraceliJimenez @SweetDuella @CArcelia @Gracielou0717 @DefSoul1994 @EvodiaEbraheem @JustBrea @FernandaMedina @aliendestina @KayLeeRose94 @IsoldaPazo @AgentLeo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @AlexisJ15 @impulsegurl666 @MonieManhiM @EvodiaEbraheem @Ttwolf74 @gyapitt @krystalrikpop @Indiglow @KarenGuerra93 @StephaniePoore @MRich @JJiBin @JohannaTlatench
[Vingle x BTS] Win an Album with ARMY Badge!
BTS Giveaway - Map of the Soul: Persona In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, you know that BTS is taking the world by storm. This month, they released their latest album Map of the Soul: Persona and are already breaking records left and right. Since we know our BTS Community and ARMY worldwide is celebrating this amazing comeback, Vingle wanted to throw a special kind of party. And what’s a party without GIFTS!? Vingle & CryptoBadge are here to give you a bunch of prizes! Don’t miss out! Prizes: 1st Place (1 winner) - MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA (Version1,2,3,and 4) 2nd Place (5 winners) - MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA (Random Version) Vingle is also working hard to get an album that BTS members’ handwritten autograph on it! Keep your fingers crossed! Mission Checklist: - Declare that you’re a fan of BTS and win BTS CryptoBadge - Share this giveaway on other social networks! - Promote BTS through a Vingle post or 30 comments on Cards in the #BTS Community! Deadline: Midnight on April 22 EST More Details: 1. Declare that you’re a fan of BTS and win BTS CryptoBadge! Go to the BTS badge and click on the Claim button. Enter your name that will be engraved on your badge. ※ Tip : If you are a Vingler, when creating a CryptoBadge account, use the same email that you use for Vingle. This enables you to expose your badges to the Vingle community. ※ What is CryptoBadge? CryptoBadge is a universal certificate system that identifies your unique merits such as achievements, experiences, and contributions. You can use CryptoBadges universally across different services. 2. Share this giveaway event through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more by clicking on the share button. The more you share, the more chances you get. ※Don’t forget to use relevant tags like #BTS, #BTSgiveaway, #giveaway, #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_PERSONA, #BoyWithLuv #PERSONAWelcomeParty. 3. Promote BTS either by creating a Card (post) for #BTS on Vingle or by leaving more than a total of 30 comments on Cards found in the #BTS Community on Vingle. Again, the more you promote BTS, the more chances you get. ※ Tip : If you are new to Vingle, when creating a Vingle account, use the same email that you used for CryptoBadge. This enables you to expose your badges to the Vingle community. Here's how to write your first Card! If you're brand new to Vingle, WELCOME! Here's a little info on how to use the platform :) Good luck everyone!