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OK so the heirs has finally finished,I'm going to miss the drama even though I stopped watching at ep 8 or 9 and just read dramabeans' recaps till the end I'm going to miss all the updates and BTS pictures on here and my twitter page(@africaminozfc),it was fun following the broadcast since this is the first kdrama I'll ever follow while its still airing I just mostly watch after the drama has aired. I'm going to miss the characters especially Leebona and chanyoung I'm not going to voice my complaints because if I start I won't finish but anyways the heirs I would miss you,Lee Min HO oppa pls your next drama must be way better and mindblowing and PSH I really don't know and kim woo bin is slowly reeling me in as a fan I hope kang hanuel gets a bigger role soon too The heirs~annyeong
no one believed lmh nd psh where high school students sorry to say they're too old for this drama give it to Krystal and minyukkie they were adorable and psh was not on my nerves this time thank God for that.
@dramacrazy yes! Heirs was a lot of fluff! But I believed Kim Hyun Joon's new drama would have more depth than fluff.
@gbhemmy, @deniselane773, @kanavang, it was just a "high school , star studded" drama. not much depth. This is the first drama that I have watched as it aired and also read the recaps. Let's hope that LMH's next project, his upcoming movie, is a more serious, mature, depth in character, good plot blockbuster and full of fluff by having a bunch of well known actors and actresses to YOU, teenagers. Who's looking forward to Kim Hyun Joon upcoming drama?It should be interesting to see how he has grown as an actor. Depth or fluff? The last drama I saw him in was Playful Kiss.
@deniselane773 I also thought the drama wasn't all that. Sure there were a few funny moments but I'm not as crazy about this drama as other people are.
@deniselane773 thanks for being on my side
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