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Pyongyang announced that it has executed Jang Song Thaek after committing "crimes against the party." Jang was widely seen as the second most powerful man in North Korea, so his demise suggests that Kim is working to cement his power and assertively prevent any possible challenge.
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I don't think we can know, but check out david guttenfelder's instagram. He's on the ground in Pyongyang just taking pictures of everyday life (or as close as he can get to it)
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wow definitely will, can't wait to see his perspective. the kind of knowledge and insight we can get into places so closed off because of social media, like north korea, continues to amaze me
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Absolutely, this picture is especially powerful
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I really like that picture @curtis I'm following his instagram now, very cool.
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Thanks, he just got voted Instagrammer of the year
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