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White House just announced to the world it will reject recommendations of own NSA review board and preserve controversial policies. "The White House is not inclined to impose restraints on the NSA’s activities."
Thanks, I didn't mean that 10.8 billion isn't significant. Still, if we want to talk about debt/deficits/federal spending you're right about the drop in the bucket
Well I have to agree with @joebiden on this one @goyo I do think that the NSA budget of 10.8 billion matters, but its a drop in the bucket (or even less)
I completely disagree. In the real world, cutting the NSA budget could never have a meaningful impact on America's debt or American's quality of life-even if you scrapped it. When a rich person buys a porsche or ferrari its a much bigger part of their budget relatively (even if they are Carlos Slim or Bill Gates).
@joebiden i understand what you are saying but in real world terms 11 billion dollars is still a whole lot. Just bc someone buys a ferrari doesn't mean that a porsche is not expensive lol
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