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Jack Hanshaw is one of the original and best 'underwater scene' artists in the boro world, and has been creating beautiful marbles for many years. Jack goes way back and was even one of the artists who helped Josh Sable learn to blow glass. He has a naturally creative mind and the designs he comes up with are always fun and fascinating. Jack is best known for the anemone reef scenes he creates, with and without fish. I love the variety of anemone and sea life he gets inside the glass, and the wonderful 3-dimensionality of it. At the end of 2010, Jack added coldworking to his repertoire, and now creates faceted crystals with his sea scenes inside. Now those scenes are even more fascinating to stare at! No collection is complete without some Jack Hanshaw.
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i would do anything for one of those
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@delmontequality these are definitely beautiful pieces. If you didn't notice, there is a marble sitting on top of the center pipe, to give you a reference on how big marbles can be. :) (I only say this because you were interested in another marble in a different post)
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