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파츠와 컬러 등등 젤용품 가득 구입했다
이사하면서.램프 빼고 다 버리고 와서
샵에서 하다
샵 실장님이 그만두신데서
다시 구매함
셀프 네일은 저렴하고
시간 날때 편하게 할 수 있어.좋음
기존 관리 받은거에
파츠 구매한거
시간 나서 몇개 붙여 봄
붙이기 편하게 바닥이 납짝하다
워낙 제품들이 편리하게 나와서
YUKI제품으로 다 구매함
쏙오프 바르고 바츠 붙이고 굽고
한번.더 굽고
마무리 탑젤 바르고 굽고
젤 클린져로 닦음 반짝반짝
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Do you have curly hair that you find hard to handle? Have you seen how famous celebrities style their 4c hair and carry it confidently? Well, if you have not seen there, here are a few of them who have elegantly carried this curly hair in events and show with pride. Love your 4c hair and see the magic. Zenda Coleman in gorgeous afro curls Zenda is perfectly flaunting her 4c hair with elegance and grace. The roots and ends are teased to get that perfectly messy look. The look of the hair is soft, tangle-free, and manageable. To get this hair look, use any essential oils and massage all over your naturally curly hair. It will appear soft, bouncy, and stunning at the same time. You can also style it by making a low messy ponytail or braids them. Rihanna’s edgy Bantu knots Bantu knots are everyone's favorite hairstyles that you can create on 4c hair type. This style is easy to create. It is trendy, attractive and gives you a fresh look. Look at how Rihanna has done it so well. The hair is first brushed and divided into 5-6 portions. Each section is then twisted and turned into knots that are called as Bantu knows. It is a hairstyle for summer, sports and also for parties. So, why limit yourself when you can do so much with your naturally curly. Nicki killing her look in curly hair with bangs. Get this look like Nicki Minaj hairstyles. 4c curly hair with bangs is a go-to style for any girl who has this crazy kinky curl. It is fashionable and easy to carry in any occasion. Before styling, use styling creams that will allow keeping your hair free of tangles and makes it more manageable. Use hands to style those bangs on the front, and you are good to go. So, flaunt your 4c hair like them and look gorgeous. You can also get this look and glam for this Black Friday Sale. Shine like Diva and make people's heads turn effortlessly. Your next Indique hairstyle is calling! Oct. 8th - 23rd save an extra $50 off Pure, Bounce, and SEA Bundle Deals with code BUNDLE50