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After starring in one of the hottest dramas in 2013, The Heirs, Lee Min Ho is headed to the big screen in 2014. SBS The Heirs’s hero Lee Min Ho will star in an upcoming movie Gangnam Blues (Land Gate, Gangnam 1970), directed by Yoo Ha. Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s agency, announced on December 13, “We have finalized our decision on Lee Min Ho’s appearance in Gangnam Blues.” Written by director Yoo Ha himself, the movie is based on Seoul in the 1970s, when the real estate business went through a major change around the Gangnam area, and will tell the story of the conspiracy of the government and underground forces at the time. Lee Min Ho will take on the lead role, a character with a cruel fate, and act out many high-level action scenes. Filming will begin next March and the movie will premiere in late 2014. “Many actors showed their interest in this movie, but I had Lee Min Ho in my mind for a long time, even when I was writing the scenario,” said director Yoo Ha. “Lee Min Ho’s charismatic and unique charms will create a synergy effect with the movie.” Meanwhile, it has been reported that Lee Min Ho received numerous movie scenarios and drama synopses, even offers for after he films Gangnam Blues. A rep from his agency said, “Lee Min Ho will continue to act widely throughout 2014 and we are in the process of checking out different projects.” Photo credit: Stauhaus Entertainment Credit to this link: like my fb page u all oppa hwaiting soooo damn excited can't wait at alll my oppa saranghhae :) <3
well...ur ryt...and the movie is they start filming nx yr...
@annbhoi bcs oppa just comfirmed the role in the movie they havent decided the leading lady
they never say who is the lead lady in he's new movie...
@saharhyunjoong thanks..chingu
@tyta468 i knw chingu but i hope oppa dont go yet bcs oppa nvr mention or said anything and we r bot sure oppa will go or not lets all not mention it plz chingu enjoy ur christmas merry christmas:-) but i knw one thing 4 sure u knw my namja my oppa hyun is going 2 military after he turns 30 he said he doesnt want 2 u knw until then and i am happy 4 dat and lets c what oppa lee min ho dcdes merry christmas chingu :-)
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