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Just finished watching 'HEIRS' !!! I wanna watch more :( Seriously don't you guys feel like it ended Very fast !!?? :( I reaaallllY hope they make a season 2 for this !! Don't you guys want a season 2?? What did you think about this KD ?? Was it everything u expected it to be?? ps: i reeeely liked it xD xD
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I need more kim tan & cha eun sung & choi young do moments
I miss heirs especially Kim Won <3 Oppa Kim Won sarangehe <3
Yes people i knoww... so badly wanna watch more of this... @chinoh : yeah i know... SEASON 2. wish it was der....
@divalycious what do you think dear??? missing it?? OBVIOUSLY eh?? ;)
i missed their team up..i dont want to end up this drama too fast..i want more the love story of kim tan and cha eun sang..looking forward to see this couple doing drama together..Godbless more projects to come to both of u..사랑해.. :)