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ASTRO Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Sweet Messages To Fans

ASTRO had some heartwarming words for their fans, AROHAs, on their third debut anniversary. On February 23 at midnight KST, ASTRO posted handwritten letters from each of the six members. MJ wrote, “Hello our AROHA. It’s already been three years since we’ve known each other. I was always happy and able to smile thanks to our AROHAs who trusted, supported, and waited for us for three years. Anyone can be tired and experience difficult things, but don’t feel burdened and always lean on ASTRO. We will also lean on our AROHAs when that happens. In 2019, ASTRO will gift you with good memories, happy things, and smiling days. Always be healthy, and I love you.” “Wanna be your star!” began JinJin. “I’m ASTRO’s mountain ginseng JinJin! AROHA, it’s already our third anniversary! Wow! Our baby AROHAs turned three years old and we are in our fourth year of promotions. It still doesn’t feel real hehe. Many memories allowed us to shine, and our happiness became our foundation so that ASTRO and AROHA could smile now! It’s okay for you to lean on us when you’re sad, so let’s be together for a long time! I love you AROHA!” Cha Eun Woo said, “To AROHA, from ASTRO. It’s our third anniversary! Congratulations. I was grateful, joyful, cheerful, and happy during the last three years, and I hope you’ll take care of us from here on out as well AROHA. We’ll show you our growth in our own garden of eternity, so AROHAs, let’s grow our beautiful love together hehe. AROHA call me. Promise me. I love you. From the Guardian of AROHAs.”
“AROHAs!” wrote Moonbin. “Our three-year anniversary is here hehe! I feel so happy, and the times we were together until now feel so meaningful. I really want to become someone who’s amazing and gives strength to AROHAs. To do that, I will gather more strength to grow mentally and physically. And I’ll also make sure to eat my meals. You know you have to be healthy right? And don’t get sick! Lastly, thank you for being with us, and thank you for being our fans hehe. I sincerely love you AROHA.” Rocky said, “AROHAs. It’s already our third anniversary. It feels so cool and joyful that AROHAs and ASTRO turned three years old, and I just feel so happy! Let’s continue to be healthy like this and not get hurt. Health is the most important no matter what. We promised to be together forever, so keep that promise. Congratulations on our third anniversary AROHA, and I love you.” “Wanna be your star!” wrote Sanha. “Hello! It’s cutie maknae Sanha. There’s something I need to congratulate you on today! Right? We turned three today hehe. Tada! We won first place this year, entered the music charts, and Sanha became an adult! There are many things to celebrate hehe. Thanks to AROHAs who stood by our side, I could endure difficult times, and AROHAs were also with me during the happy times as well. I’m so grateful and I love you. This year, I’m going to spend more time with AROHAs. I promise. I always thankful for you, and let’s have fun again this year. Good luck! Let’s do this!”
ASTRO members also uploaded personal messages and photos on the group’s account. Sanha said, “We turned three years old. Hehehe. It felt so cool when we turned one. Time really flies by. Thanks to AROHAs who were by my side, it was more fun, and every day was joyful. Thank you and I love you.”
Rocky posted, “Third anniversary..third anniversary with AROHAs. Let’s overcome everything from here on out just as we are now. Happy birthday AROHA.”
Cha Eun Woo said, “ASTRO heart AROHA. June 23, 2016 to February 23, 2019-ing” and added a selfie with the words, “Thank you for today as well.”
With two additional selfies, Cha Eun Woo wrote, “Photos while waiting for it to become February 23, 2019. Thank you AROHA.”
JinJin said, “It’s already our third anniversary with AROHAs. It’s such a grateful day. I can’t express everything in words, but I hope both of us can be happy today,” and told his fans that he loves them in the hashtag.
Moonbin wrote, “Time passes by so quickly! During that time, I think we’ve done a good job building our memories together hehe. And I’m so relieved to have a strong, big pillar that is AROHA. I always thank you and I love you.”
JinJin posted a video of him with each member waving to their fans.
Along with an adorable video of himself with a filter, MJ said, “Thank you, I love you AROHA. Written by M-Thank you.”
Congratulations ASTRO and AROHA!
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