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How many dolphins can you see in the picture? Also, what else can you find? :)
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@YinofYang nah nah nah see the problem is you need to quit listening to Daniel, tell him to go home and quit coming over unannounced not cool b/c that's just annoying. Listen to me and you'll be straight, yeppp!!!
@cheerfulcallie Hahahahahahaha! He does come over unannounced all the time, although I kicked him out sooner that usual this time. Although, he did tell me to do exactly what you told me to do. I'm telling you, I've no magic eye. It's broken.
@yinofyang i am with you. I commiserate but its cool bc I like to think it will heighten our other senses lol thats what i hope at least lol
there are 2 dolphins with a treasure chest at the middle
I love these!! I had a huge book of them when I was a kid!