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#002 - What is CryptoBadge?

CryptoBadge is a certificate system that enables people to tokenize their unique merits such as achievements, experiences, and contributions. By tokenize, we mean you can permanently store the bits of your experiences on the blockchain. It’s verifiable and eternal.

We all know that we are worth much more than what our transcripts or resume can show. Every single moment that we pour out our passion composes our life, our pride, and our memories, and it is these moments that help define who we are. We wish to let you build the diary of your life by collecting tokens of all kinds, from achieving Champion Level at Clash Royale, completing a triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, tasting a limited edition wine in a private winery, visiting 500 travel destinations, donating to UNICEF, to supporting a famous idol group, BTS.
Beyond traditional certificates such as diplomas and licenses, CryptoBadge can capture a variety of certifiable values and let you build your personal brand. What do you think? Imagine freely, share badge ideas, and offer your vision for how CryptoBadge could evolve and change the world!

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My heart leapt at the Comic Con badge!! YES!!!
That's awesome!
I heard BTS so I'm here lol
Sounds exciting! It’s a great idea!
I actually made a crypto badge for my previous school.. and it was very interesting
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Attention Vinglers: Announcing CryptoBadge!
Hi Vinglers! We’re reaching out to our Vingle Family to let you know about a new system that Vingle will be adopting that we think you’ll really enjoy. The system is called CryptoBadge! It’s so cool and we’re excited that Vingle is the first community service to adopt CryptoBadge. CryptoBadge is a blockchain-based certificate system that enables people, like all of you on Vingle, to take their unique achievements, experiences, and contributions and share them as a badge anywhere online. CryptoBadge is universal, verifiable and eternal. It’s verifiable and eternal because it is stored in blockchain. This means you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your credits, or unfairly losing your credits just because the service or certificate issuer is shut down. CryptoBadges you’ve won can be used universally both within Vingle and outside of Vingle. For example, a Kpop convention might offer early access to tickets for those holding a President of BTS, Pioneer of Big Bang, or Editor of VIXX Badges because their commitment to the fandom is obvious and proven, and they deserve it!! These badges will range from anything from sharing your academic achievement, game ranking, your scuba diving certification, how many bottles of soju you’ve drunk and most especially, to your participation on Vingle! Soon you can proudly display your Pioneer, President, Editor Badges, and more on your profile! Rather than trying to explain what you’re all about in your Bio in boring text and bullet points, you can now simply share visualized, fancy, and easy Badges on your profile here on Vingle but also on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, your blog, and wherever else you want! These badges will be ready for you to claim, starting later tomorrow! As always, we’re so thankful for the love and support you give to your Interests and we hope the badge system will add another layer to the incredible Communities you’ve built. You can learn more about CryptoBadge HERE. Also, CryptoBadge starts “University Battle” on Feb 18, 2019. Check it out to win your school badge and also earn your coins!
Is Bitcoin Paper Wallet Safe?
Is a Bitcoin paper wallet safe? This article will cover the benefits of a bitcoin paper wallet and its downsides. In addition, it will highlight the benefits of a paper wallet as well as discuss some tips for protecting it against theft. To avoid theft, a paper wallet should be sealed using hologram tape. The reflective quality of this tape protects against "candling," which is a common technique to view a private key through the folds of a paper wallet. Secure Method Of Storing Cryptocurrency While paper wallets are popular, they have several disadvantages. First, they cannot be secured against loss, theft, or being observed by others. Secondly, they can get damaged, faded, or even destroyed. The best way to protect your cryptocurrency is to store it in a secure location, such as a safe deposit box. Using a paper wallet is not recommended if you plan to trade in cryptocurrency frequently. Know:- How Does A Bitcoin Paper Wallet Work Unlike other wallets, a paper wallet does not have an address connected to the blockchain. Therefore, it is called cold storage. Paper wallets are also free. Another benefit of a bitcoin paper wallet is that it is free and offline. Because it is not online, it does not allow hackers to steal your crypto. Additionally, it has the advantage of being secure when you don't intend to spend it. Ways To Protect It From Theft The first step in protecting your digital currency from theft is to remember not to give out your private key on your Bitcoin paper wallet. While it is possible to make it more secure by keeping it on a secure computer, this doesn't guarantee against theft. Even if you're careful about storing your private key somewhere safe, you may lose it or someone else can steal it. It is therefore essential to make sure your paper wallet remains secure at all times. Second, keep your Bitcoin paper wallet in a safe place. Some safe places for storing such wallets are bank vaults and safety deposit boxes. In these cases, your Bitcoins are useless since nobody can decrypt them and spend them. Therefore, you should avoid sharing your wallet with others or using public WiFi to print it. Lastly, consider moving your Bitcoin from your paper wallet to a cold wallet. There are many options for this, and it's important to choose one that meets your personal needs and is secure. Drawbacks Of Bitcoin Paper Wallets There are many advantages to using a Bitcoin paper wallet, but there are also some drawbacks. Paper wallets are not very secure. If a person has physical access to your wallet, they can read your private key and withdraw your funds without your knowledge. In addition, paper wallets are too complicated for beginners. However, there are five ways to buy Bitcoin with cash. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can't send more than a certain amount of bitcoin with a paper wallet. This is due to the fact that a paper wallet can only store a single public/private pair. The change output addresses must be set up for the remaining funds on the paper wallet. Also, you cannot recover lost funds, so you should set up a change address. However, if you don't set up a change address, you will lose all of your funds. Chat with our Bitcoin Wallet Customer Service team, if you have any doubts about the BTC paper wallet. Recommendations For Storing It Before you start generating and storing your paper wallet, it's important to choose the right type of storage. There are two primary types of storage: hot and cold. Hot storage keeps your bitcoins in a digital form on your computer, and cold storage keeps them offline. However, both types of storage have their own risks, including damage and theft from external elements. Regardless of which type of storage you choose, it's crucial to use the most secure one for storing your Bitcoin. You should also consider the physical location in which you store your paper wallet. The best place to store it is a secure location in a safe or security box. These types of storage locations should be fireproof or waterproof so that only people who need to access them will be able to read it. To protect your bitcoins, make sure to use acid-free paper and laminate it. You can also buy a Bitcoin backup tool such as Cryptotag, which stores your paper wallet on a titanium plate.
How To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments for Your Business
Implementing the cryptocurrency payment system can help your business. Discover how right now! There is no way to avoid discussing the progress of the globe, let alone the internet. Various new technologies were developed, making our lives easier. Payment methods followed this evolution. Today, for example,cryptocurrencies are on the increase, and you must accept this method of payment to avoid falling behind. However, if you want to run a business, you must consider how you will accept Cryptocurrency payments. However, you must configure your business to accept payment in this manner in exchange for your product. Why should you accept Cryptocurrency payments? Cryptocurrency has become a "almost" traditional money for business transactions in many regions of the world. It may seem unusual because it is a novelty, yet some workers get paid in Cryptocurrency. In the United States, for example, there are already companies that allow customers to pay with cryptocurrencies or cash. More Costumers With this new payment method established in your store, you may attract more customers who choose to pay just in virtual currency. Some audiences are limited to a single payment method. Other people prefer to pay just in cash, while others prefer to use credit cards, and in this day and age, some people will want to pay using cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Bitcoin puts you closer to a larger and more diverse consumer base in the commercial world. This, of course, can boost your profits. Low Transaction Cost Cryptocurrency transactions hardly need intermediaries. In most cases, Cryptocurrencies eliminates exchange fees and costs . This is because the user does not need a bank account to make a payment with Cryptocurrency or payment processors. Fast And Safe Way Transactions with Cryptocurrency have almost no intermediaries, in addition to the absence of restrictions on Cryptocurrency transactions, receiving the amount ends up being faster. Within this theme, a positive point is also that, as it is a virtual currency, the fraud rate is very low. How to receive payments in Your Business If you want to run a business or you already have one, a differential in the market is to add cryptocurrencies as a payment method to sell your products or services. First of all, you need to have a digital cryptocurrency wallet. It is necessary that you register in one of your choice. Set up to receive payments In your own wallet, it is worth setting up the coins you want to receive. Of the existing cryptocurrencies, the most popular are Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, in addition to others available on the market. Carry out security procedures to protect your account and maintain the desired options on the platform, so that payments in this mode are always available. How to put the payment option at checkout? Most wallets offer an API, which can be integrated into most professional website building platforms, including mobile apps. Some of the wallets offer easy ways to install the API on the website to avoid having to understand code. Just follow the steps and install the necessary plugins offered by the wallets. Transfers become more direct in the cryptocurrency universe. Consider the globe gradually transitioning away from credit card payments and other modalities that incur fees for the merchant and toward something with a cheap cost and quick transaction. Accepting cryptocurrency at your business is also a reasonable solution, as the products will only be available on the internet, in the digital world. This, of course, is a global trend that will spread in the near future.. Do you want to accept cryptocurrency for your business and understand more about it? Visit XAZUR PAY .
شکایت از ایلان ماسک برای دستکاری دوج کوین
یک طرح دعوی حقوقی ۲۵۸ میلیارد دلاری بر علیه ایلان ماسک مطرح شده و گفته شده که ایلان ماسک دوج کوین رو که یک طرح هرمی بوده الکی تبلیغ کرده و باعث شده که قیمتش بره بالا. اگر یکم تو بازار ارزهای دیجیتال فعال بوده باشید حتما یادتونه که تو سال 2021 دوج کوین چطوری قیمتش هی پامپ می شد و بالا میرفت. خیلی از سرمایه گذارا تو اوج ارزهاشونو فروختن و سرمایه هاشون برداشت کردن. ولی چون پیش بینی های قیمت دوج کوین در سال 2022 یک رقم های عجیب و غریبی داشت که مثلا به بالای 1 دلار میرسه و این داستانا خیلیا تصمیم گرفتن هولد کنن تا قیمتا بره بالا. اما چی شد؟ قیمت دوج کوین یهو ریخت. الان تو سال 2022 قیمت حتی 0.1 دلار هم نیست. خیلی ها کل این داستان پامپ و دامپو زیر سر ایلان ماسک میدونن و فک میکنن عمدی بازارو دست کاری کرده تا پولای مردمو به جیب بذاره. فردای روز این دعوی 258 میلیارد دلاری ایلان ماسک گفت که علی رغم این شکایت بازم از دوج کوین حمایت میکنه. واقعا لقب پدر دوج مناسبشه. ایلان ماسک مدام تاکید میکنه که دوج کوین میتونه تبدیل به پول رایج بشه. چون هم تراکنش هاش ارزونه و هم خیلی سریعه. همین الان هم خیلی از کسب و کارهای آنلاین پرداخت با دوج کوینو میپذیرن و مردم هم ازش استقبال میکنن. دادگاهی که این شکایتو مطرح کرده یک دادگاه منطقه ای تو نیویورکه. این دادگاه میگه ایلان ماسک باید غرامت بپردازه ولی به کی و کجا معلوم نیست. نکته دیگه ای که دادگاه میخواد اینه که ایالات متحده آمریکا اعلام کنه که خرید و فروش دوج کوین قماره. ایلان ماسک این شکایتو مسخره و پیش پا افتاده میدونه و میگه به هر حال از دوج کوین حمایت میکنم. بایدم اینو بگه. قطعا اگر دوج کوین پانزی هم بوده باشه طرف نمیاد بگه که اره پانزی بود منم ملتو فریب دادم.
Breaking news: Wait is over!, Mission20 director will be coming to India on 20 July.
We are happy to announce that the Mission20 Director is coming to India on 20 July! In the event, the director of Mission20 will discuss the mission20 blockchain, M20 token, and M20 mart. Mission 20 is a decentralized ecosystem that connects buyers and sellers in a peer-to-peer manner. It is powered by blockchain technology, making it an immutable, transparent, secure, fast and efficient marketplace. The Mission20 ECommerce is a platform for businesses to sell their products in a decentralized manner without any intermediaries. The company has also developed its cryptocurrency, the M20 token, which can be used as payment on this platform. The Mission20 event also presents the media. The media is one of the essential parts of our society, and it's also one of the most influential. The M20 mart and Mission20 blockchain are changing how we buy and sell products online. The M20 mart is a decentralized marketplace that enables purchasing goods and services with any digital assets of your choice. In the future Mission20 blockchain and M20 token will be the most popular and successful blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world. There is no doubt that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the future. They offer many advantages over traditional currencies and transactions, including security, transparency, and efficiency. Mission20 is one of the leading blockchain platforms, and the M20 token is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the world. They are well-positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. This Mission20 director is one of the famous and successful crypto experts developing blockchain technology. M20 is a digital asset management firm founded by a team of Mission20. They are one of the first and most successful crypto experts. They invest early in the best blockchain technology and digital assets and are actively involved in developing the blockchain ecosystem.
Now cryptocurrency can be used for daily life transactions:
Use your Cryptocurrency for buying everyday life products from the M20 mart platforms like amazon & Flipkart and on M20 trading exchanges soon to be launched. The platform will be used for any alternative currency in everyday life and will also serve as a store of value for those who invest in it. You can use it to buy items or pay for services on the M20 mart site and exchange it with other cryptocurrencies. Mission20 Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger that stores information about transactions in a secure, immutable way. This technology is used to track the ownership of cryptocurrency and other assets. Blockchain has changed the way people store their money and transact online. Now, with cryptocurrency, you can buy a cup of coffee for your birthday without involving an intermediary such as PayPal or Venmo. Cryptocurrency has become more mainstream over the last few years, but it still hasn't been widely adopted by the general population. This could change with Mission20's new cryptocurrency, making digital currency easier and more accessible than ever before. Mission20 is decentralized which means it cannot be censored or taken down by any government. M20 is a digital or virtual currency. They exist only on the internet and are not controlled by any government. This means that they are impossible to censor or take down by any government, and because of this, many people consider cryptocurrencies to be very safe investments. The M20 cryptocurrency is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, open-source, and community-driven digital currency. It is created to be a stable currency that can be used for daily life transactions.
Welcome to the CryptoBadge!
1. Introducing CryptoBadge and getting your first CryptoBadge! CryptoBadge is a collectable certificate that is verifiable, eternal, and universally shared. CryptoBadge lets people identify themselves through badge collections that represent their expertise, achievements, contributions, and hobbies. Ready to be a CryptoBadge hunter? Receive your first CryptoBadge and learn more about the CryptoBadge project here 2. Why Project CryptoBadge chose to align with Vingle Community System? We chose to ally with Vingle because it is a community platform that not only has all the essential functions to host communities, but also it is aggressively adopting a smart governance system to support REAL community autonomy. Community needs a lot more than just content discovery or messaging. Vingle supports various content types (text, images, videos) and provides easy ways to systematically label and organize content, archive Q&As, recognize contributors vs. trolls, create chat rooms, and last but not least, to make collective decisions. Vingle provides a smart governance system where members of each community can run their community autonomously by electing staff members, organizing information, designing privileges and penalties, and more. Last but not least, Vingle is the community platform that deploys CryptoBadges first and best. Vingle is actively releasing new features every week and will keep providing new services, making the best use of CryptoBadge. Currently, Vingle provides its community staff, such as President and Editors, with badges and corresponding authorities (To see Vingle’s current governance features). Vingle will also allow its communities to add a variety of badges and positions so that each community can create their own badges and governance structure, which we are very excited about! 3. About Vingle’s CryptoBadge Community Making full use of Vingle’s features, combined with the badge system, we want to run this community, #CryptoBadge, autonomously based on the participation and consensus among CryptoBadge fans who are interested in the CryptoBadge project. You can take part in running this community, #CryptoBadge, by becoming a council member. If you’re interested, apply here!
How to embed badges on your social network profile?
[Table of Content] 1. How to embed your badges on your LinkedIn profile? 1) Embedding your school badge in the Education Section 2) Embedding your badges in the Certificates Section 3) Embedding your badges in the Experience Section 2. How to embed your badges on your Facebook profile? Embed CryptoBadges on your social network profile as proof of your experiences! Unfortunately, LinkedIn’s layout isn’t optimal for badge display, but you can still share your CryptoBadge link as a verifiable proof of your experience, which will definitely strengthen the reliability of your profile. On Facebook, you can display your CryptoBadge in a visually optimal way just like your CryptoBadge profile page. Show off your badges! 1. How to embed your badges on your LinkedIn profile? 1) Embedding your school badge in the Education Section First, click on the Edit button located on the right side of your school. Click on the Link button, paste the URL of your certification, and click on the Add button. It takes LinkedIn several seconds to import the certification URL. Once the certification addition is complete, click Save! 2) Embedding your badges in the Certifications Section First, create a Licenses & Certifications Section by clicking the Add Profile Section button and choosing Licenses and Certifications. In the pop-up shown below, enter your badge name in the Name field. In the Issuing Organization field, you can enter CryptoBadge or other relevant issuer’s name. Lastly, in the Credential URL field, enter your certification URL. Click on the Save button, and you’ll see your CryptoBadge on your LinkedIn profile. 3) Embedding your badges in the Experience Section On LinkedIn, we created a virtual organization, CryptoBadge Network, for all CryptoBadge fans around the world to join. Go to the Experience Section and add “CryptoBadge Network” as one of your experience. In the Company field, enter CryptoBadge Network. In the Title field, you can enter whatever titles you like, be it Citizen, Member, Fan, or whatever. And then, more importantly, add your badges by clicking on the Link button as below. 2. How to embed your badges on your Facebook profile? We will support Facebook Embed soon from late March of this year. The detailed instructions will be provided when the feature is ready.
علت سقوط ارز شیبا چیست؟
شیبا اینو محبوب ترین میم کوین سال 2021 بود. تو یک چشم بهم زدن صفر هاش از 9 تا به 4 تا رسید و خیلیا ازش سود کردن. زمانی که شیبا اینو رو یک سیر صعودی بود خیلی ها حتی پیش بینی شیبا 1 دلاری رو هم کرده بودن. ولی ورق با آغاز سال 2022 برگشت. بیت کوین و همه ارزهای دیجیتال سقوط های قابل توجهی رو به ثبت رسوندن و شیبا اینو هم استثنا نبود. با این که شیبا برنامه های زیادی برای توسعه داشت ولی همراه بقیه بازار سقوط کرد. ولی خیلی ها علت سقوط ارز دیجیتال شیبا رو چیز دیگه ای میدونن. بعضیا معتقدن که چون بنیان گذار شیبا اینو از شبکه های اجتماعی ناپدید شد و همه ی اکانت هاشو غیر فعال کرد خیلی از سرمایه گذارا و حتی هولدر های شیبا ترسیدن. چون ماجرای سقوط لونا و شایعات کلاهبرداریش هنوز خیلی تازه بود این اقدام ریوشی خالق ناشناس شیبا همه رو خیلی ترسوند. خیلی ها سرمایه هاشون رو از بازار این میم کوین خارج کردن. آیا امیدی برای شیبا وجود دارد؟ اگر بازار برگرده بدون شک آره. چون تیم توسعه شیبا داره سخت تلاش میکنه که قابلیت های جدید به این میم کوین اضافه کنه و از حالت بی هدفی درش بیاره. تازه شیبا هنوز به کف قیمتی خودش نرسیده و تو چرخه بعدی میتونه به رقم های خیلی بالایی دست پیدا کنه. اما اینکه شیبا به 1 دلار برسه بعیده چون تعداد توکن هاش زیاده و با این عرضه با قیمت یک دلار مارکت کپش از بیت کوین هم بالا میزنه که اصلا منطقی نیست. مگر اینکه شیبا اونقدر توکن سوزی کنه که عرضه به طور قابل توجهی کاهش پیدا کنه.