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It is time to secure a bright future in data science
Owing to boom in digital technology data generation capacity of the world has increased to several zettabytes. Thus, business organizations too have to come up with advanced technologies to acquire, store and process huge volumes of data. Thus the role of data scientists has also become indispensable. Moreover data science is now applied in a variety of fields such as the health care system, fraud detection, intelligence gathering, sports, research and many more. Eventually the demand for data scientists has also increased at a phenomenal rate. How much is the demand for data scientists? ● A McKinsey report on big data had claimed that in 2011 US alone faced a shortage of 140K to 190K data scientists. ● In 2017 the LinkedIn emerging jobs report suggested that data scientist roles have grown over 650% since 2012. ● According to US bureau of labor statistics by 2026 11.5 M jobs will be created in the field of data science alone. ● IBM had reported earlier that by 2020 there will be approximately 2720K jobs listings in data science. It is least likely that a trained and practised data science professional will ever have a problem securing a soaring career. The keywords here are of course, training and practice. Data science is a multidisciplinary field that demands a lot of dedication from the practitioners. If you are willing to put in the hard work you will be through. This being said, the country you are in also plays a significant part in your career building. All the countries leading in IT and associated industries do provide opportunities, but it is always better to choose a healthy economy with a lot of investment in big data and associated technologies. Other factors like talent gap, industry stability and ample opportunity for growth. Malaysia is no doubt one such country that will take care of each and every data science aspirant’s ambitions. Hence, a data science course in Malaysia is a smart decision. Why opt for a data science course in Malaysia? ● Flourishing ICT industry The ICT industry of Malaysia has constantly performed well out performing Asian giants like Japan and Korea. The country aims at ranking within the top fifteen world rankings in the United Nations Online Services Index by 2020. In 2017 the industry exported goods worth 15 billion USD and the government strives to increase the industry’s total contribution to the GDP from 13.1% to 17% within 2020. Such an industry is perfect for individuals trained in data science skills. ● Growing popularity of Big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things The Malaysian government has attributed the growth of ICT industry to the rising popularity of cutting edge technologies. Not only the IT but several other sectors like the government, banking, health care and education also employs data science and this is why demand for data scientists is even more in Malaysia. ● Talent gap APEC estimates that in 2016 Malaysia had around 4000 workers in data science and analytics and the country will require 20000 trained personnel. Thus, Malaysia provides the perfect opportunity for a hardworking candidate to secure a bright future in data science.
Essential tools in data analytics- Tableau
Data analytics is the most wanted job description today as the world increasingly embraces digitization. Digital economies across the world are growing fast and data was never more important. While business organizations are leveraging data to uncover important insights, reduce costs and increase efficiency, governmental institutions are utilizing data to fight crimes, increase the quality of living and help research work. This trend has made the job of data analysts very important on the one hand while on the other more complex. The data analysts today have to be equipped with a lot of advanced tools as traditional BI tools have become irrelevant and cutting edge techs are used to handle Big Data. Analysts today needs to be trained in tools which can perform fast BI tasks, handle Big Data and possess the power of data visualization and a tool like tableau work wonders in this area, making tableau training a must for individuals hoping to make a career in data analytics. Why tableau? Tableau is the most in demand BI tool available today and its popularity is set to rise even farther. Datanyze reports that with a market share of 18.67% Tableau holds the number one position among more than 90 BI tools. Let’s take a look at some of the perks of tableau- • Simple yet effective Tableau is the easiest BI tool available in the market. One does not need to possess exceptional coding skills to work in tableau, neither does one has to spend hours and hours to master it. Creating a report in tableau is very easy with its desktop application and you do not need a lot of time to do that. • Best for data visualization No other tools come close to tableau when it is about data visualization. Histograms, boxplots and tree maps can be created with only a few clicks in tableau. Need to segment your data? You can easily use tableau’s clustering option. • Capacity to handle Big Data One very important aspect of tableau is that it can handle big data. Support for multiple data sources is available in tableau and can be utilized for predictive analytics. Tableau also has the ability to connect to live data sources and help users with real time statistics. Tableau training can be especially beneficial in Malaysia! Malaysia is a developing nation all set to become a high income nation by 2020. It’s digital economy has been rapidly growing at the rate of 9% and the digital industry is very promising. And tableau holds a market share of 22.94% (Datanyze) in Malaysia. Thus if you are skilled in tableau you can easily make a bright and stable career in Malaysia.