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Heirs has just finished. It’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s time to do that. Thank you for enjoying Heirs with us. Luckily we have one last memento to cherish. Here are some handwritten messages and autographs prepared by the Heirs cast in the last episode script to express their thanks for the production crew and each character, as well as some pictures taken by Korean fans and the cast themselves. 1. Lee Min Ho's Letter (Kim Tan) Always be happy together. I was honored and happy to be with you guys in the shinning year of 2013. Stay healthy and move towards each goal. Fighting! “Kim tan is really very handsome.” 2. Park Shin Hye's Letter (Cha Eun Sang) Thank you for your hard work for four months! Give applause to our staff Oppa and Unnie who bore a lot of pressure and stress till the end. I really appreciate and love you!! See you again!! I will miss youㅠ^ㅠ. 3. Kim Woo Bin's Letter (Choi Young Do) I was so happy during the shooting because I could be together with really nice people. Everyone worked hard. I wish everyone health. I'll meet you again through other good projects♡. I love you♡. 4. Krystal Jung's Letter (Lee Bo Na) Thank you for all of the time and hard work. I wish for you to wrap up the rest of 2013 successfully. Remember Bo Na! All the best for the New Year ♥♥. See you next time again :) Bye~ 5. Kim Ji Won's Letter (Yoo Rachel) Hi. I am ‘Rachel’!! I appreciate what you’ve done in the past months. I was able finish the shooting well because of your leading of and cheering for tenuous Rachel. I'll always thank and love you♡ 6. Kang Min Hyuk's Letter (Yoon Chan Young) Finally the last episode of Heirs came out. In past months, director, writer, staff and cast, we really worked hard. All of us! I can’t forget Heirs and Chan Young now and forever. Thanks. 7. Kang Ha Neul's Letter (Lee Hyo Shin) I can’t believe that I left my name on this script. All the staff, production crew, and cast helped me, who was not good enough for this drama, with a smile so that the filming was so warm to me. I thank all of you♡ 8. Park Hyung Sik's Letter (Jo Myung Soo) To all the staff and cast of Heirs, thank you for your hard work! I was so happy to go to the filming spots because they were filled with an invigorating climate. I could enjoy the shooting because of it! All of you throve on hard work~!! Don't forget Myung Soo Hyung Sik. I love all of you ♡ 9. Jun Soo Jin's Letter (Kang Yae Sol) Director, writer and staff Unnie Oppa, thank you for loving and caring for Yae Sol. I will grew up more and more as an actress. Have a great year-end and New year’s ^^ 10. Choi Jin Hyuk's Letter (Kim Won) Thank you for your hard work during the hot and cold season. I wish that we will meet again through other good dramas and have good relationships. Everyone worked hard.
because i miss them...i watch again there show...heheheh...starting again ep1...omo omo...
omo omo omo......i miss them....huhuhu...