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11. Kim Sung Ryung's Letter (Han Ki Ae) See you again. I was so happy. 12. Jung Dong Hwan's Letter (Kim Nam Yoon) Heirs! It was enjoyable work as the grand finale of year 2013. 13. Kim Mi Kyung's Letter (Park Hee Nam) Thank you. Stay healthy~♡ 14. Choi Won Young's Letter (Yoon Jae Ho) The last script has come out before we were aware of it... Director Kim, director of B team, invincible staff, and lovely cast… Kim Eun Soon writer who allowed me to live in this picturesque story, thank you all of you. Everyone did hard work. Love you…I hope these hot and happy memories last for a long time, and wait for a day when we meet again and smile. Thank you for what you’ve done so far. Heirs, like a midsummer dream. 15. Park Joon Geum'd Letter (Jung Ji Sook) We all bear the burden of the crown. Love you. Goodbye Heirs. 16. Yoon Son Ha's Letter (Lee Esther) I was happy to be with you all together for this great drama. 17. Choi Jin Ho's Letter (Choi Dong Uk) Director Kang Shin Ho, Boo Sung cheol and writer Kim Eun Sook, I was happy being with all the cast and staff of Heirs. Thanks. Love you, Young Do! (He played Young Do’s father) 18. Im Joo Eun (Jun Hyun Joo) Thank you. I was happy because of Heirs and you guys. Stay healthy and see you again. Remember these people who made us cry and laugh in the past months. I was so happy because of this drama. Thanks, Heirs!