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Seungri Will Enlist in the Army At the End of This Month

While he did say he was aiming to enlist in Spring, I wonder if all this club-chaos caused him to join asap.

According to an exclusive report on March 8, Big Bang's Seungri will enlist this March 25 as an active duty soldier.  Previously, Seungri received his military enlistment summons in early February. While Seungri originally intended to apply for a position as a conscripted policeman, "Seeing the circumstances, [Seungri] has given that option up long ago," borrowing the words of an insider from Seungri's side.  Furthermore, "If the police wish to summon Seungri for any additional questioning, he will comply willingly until his enlistment date." 
If he received a summons he doesn't have an option. He has to go on the date given.
and he will do this in sercet too watch
If he is indicted then the military will wait....and it looks like that is happening .
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