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World’s Most Amazing Tree Houses (Top 10)
1. Tom Chudleigh, Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Bay, British Columbia (Canada) 2. Terunobu Fujimori, Teahouse Tetsu, Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, Nakamaru, Hokuto City, Yamanashi (Japan) 3. Baumraum, Andreas Wenning, Between Alder and Oak, Osnabrück (Germany) 4. Michael Ince, Bialsky Tree House, Bridgehampton, New York (USA) 5.  Casa na Árvore, Lake House, Araras, São Paulo (Brazil) 6. House Restaurant, Warkworth (New Zealand) 7. Hapuku Lodge, Hapuku Lodge Tree Houses, Kaikoura (New Zealand) 8. Roderick Wolgamott Romero, Lake-Nest Tree House, New York (USA) 9. Lukasz Kos, 4tree house, Walker’s Point, Lake Muskoka Ontario (Canada) 10. Nicko Bjorn Elliot, Nicko Bjorn Elliot Tree House, Toronto (Canada)
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10 year old me's dream
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I remember my dad built a tree house for me and my brother that was my hideout place. and these look amazing I want one in the future an awesome one :D
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