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After a flood on the Thur river in Switzerland, a few brave souls grabbed their boards and tore up a standing wave. It actually looks like they're having a blast out there.
haha yeah now that i think about it, i am sure a flooded river is more dangerous than the ocean
@coolio not much risk in a river? really? kinda seems risky to me but maybe this is why i have a hard time just looking over the railing on the roof of a tall building lol
@Goyo hahah I agree, that's all part of the fun for most pros though. They get an adrenaline rush from the danger...although not much risk in a river
@coolio i dont think anyone would ever doubt the having a blast part of an extreme sport. its the other "possible death" part that is the problem lol
river suring is badass, but how do you stay up