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In the wake of a public outcry over the lawsuit Specialized started against the bike shop Cafe Roubaix, founder of Specialized Bicycles, Mike Sinyard, explains his actions and the actions of the company. Specialized has been combating counterfeit bicycles and gear, totally just around $11,000,000 in counterfeit goods just this year. In order to keep the integrity of the Specialized name and prevent any injury that riders may endure while riding, Specialized has been combating this theft. Unfortunately, Cafe Roubaix was caught in the wake, and Mike Sinyard takes full responsibility for this mishandled situation.
@Goyo Well yes, in part. There are over thousands of distributors, mostly in China, that have duplicated the mold for the high end Specialized carbon fiber bikes. These Chinese companies sell the products for a fraction of the cost (~$600 vs. ~$5,000). But, these companies don't spend millions of dollars on R&D, strength testing the molds, and not spending on quality assurance. Most of the Chinese companies don't use the Specialized logo, just the mold, but some do use the logo which is very deceiving for customers.
Wow so their name is being used to sell cheaply made bikes?