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my unfinished unicorn gundam lol. @YinofYang
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@Cheerfulcallie hey no need to get violent now. oh if it helps I forgot I do have the feet done lol
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@mrjockX I liiiike it! That is awesome! My gawd, seriously. Finish that before I have @cheerfulcallie throw more stones at you. @n3xt How luck you have a local place to order from. I don't have anything like that around here, so I have to go through online stores as well. The good thing is that there are some fantastic and legitimate ones. :)
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haha geez you're actually giving her the okay to do it!? :( @YinofYang
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@mrjockX Hahahaha! I can't control Callie, she's too damn free-spirited. I will give you some bandages and Neosporin for after. XD
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@yinofyang yea i am planning to buy one soon so once I get it going I will upload it haha I hope I do not get killed like @mrjockX though haha
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