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@mrjockX yep, better not talk smack abt my cooking!!
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@YinofYang heyyyyyyy i got the limited supplies of imaginary rocks, they do run out okayyyyy.......besides, you got my back right? i got im telling you to RUNNNN!!!! hahaha!!!
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@cheerfulcallie They run out because you won't stop throwing them at people. Gosh, sis. Lol! Of course I do. Okay, hold on, let me get my shoes.
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@YinofYang sooo very true!! too funny, hahahahhaha!!!!
4 years ago·Reply
ooooh yes y'all better run cus I'll get y'all when I get off :p
4 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie @mrjockX Damn, I can't believe this was already 3 months ago?! We better run because you'll do what? I'd loooove to know.
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