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Time is but ur friend when u embrace it

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Bold Tag
I decided to do this since it looked fun! rules: bold the statements that are true and tag some people (italicize for somewhat true) ★ Appearance ★ i’m over 5'5 / I WEAR GLASSES/CONTACTS / I HAVE BLONDE HAIR / i wear sweatshirts a lot / I PREFER LOOSE CLOTHING TO TIGHT CLOTHING / i have one or more piercings / i have at least one tattoo / I HAVE BLUE EYES / I HAVE DYED OR HIGHLIGHTED MY HAIR / i have gotten plastic surgery / I HAVE OR HAD BRACES / i sunburn easily / i have freckles / i paint my nails / I TYPICALLY WEAR MAKEUP / i don’t often smile / i am pleased with how i look / I PREFER NIKE TO ADIDAS /i wear baseball hats backwards ★ Hobbies & Talents ★ i have or still play a sport / I CAN PLAY AN INSTRUMENT / i am artistic / i know more than one language / i have won a trophy in some sort of competition / i can cook or bake without a recipe / I KNOW HOW TO SWIM / I ENJOY WRITING / i can do origami / i prefer movies to TV shows / i can execute a perfect somersaulT / I ENJOY SINGING / i could survive in the wild on my own / I HAVE READ A NEW BOOK SERIES THIS YEAR / I ENJOY SPENDING TIME WITH FRIENDS / i travel during school or work breaks / i can do a handstand ★ Relationships ★ i am in a relationship / I HAVE BEEN SINGLE FOR OVER A YEAR / i have a crush / i have a best friend I have known for over ten years / MY PARENTS ARE TOGETHER / i have dated my best friend / i am adopted / my crush has confessed to me / i have had a long-distance relationship / i am an only child / I GIVE ADVICE TO MY FRIENDS / I HAVE MADE AN ONLINE FRIEND / i met up with someone I have met online (this is only if you count meeting your college roommates in person after meeting them online...for me anyways.) ★ Aesthetics ★ I HAVE HEARD THE OCEAN IN A CONCH SHELL / I HAVE WATCHED THE SUN RISE / I ENJOY RAINY DAYS / i have slept under the stars / i meditate outside / the sound of chirping calms me / i enjoy the smell of the beach / I KNOW WHAT SNOW TASTES LIKE / I LISTEN TO MUSIC TO FALL ASLEEP / I ENJOY THUNDERSTORMS / I ENJOY CLOUD WATCHING / I HAVE ATTENDED A BONFIRE / I PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO COLORS / I FIND MYSTERY IN THE OCEAN / i enjoy hiking on nature paths / AUTUMN IS MY FAVORITE SEASON ★ Miscellaneous ★ I CAN FALL ASLEEP IN A MOVING VEHICLE / i am the mom friend / i live by a certain quote / i like the smell of sharpies / I AM INVOLVED IN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES / I ENJOY MEXICAN FOOD / i can drive stick-shift / I HAVE MEMORIZED AN ENTIRE SONG IN A DAY / i believe in true love / i dream up scenarios to fall asleep / I SING IN THE SHOWER / i wish i lived in a video game / i have a canopy above my bed / i am multi-racial / i am a redhead / i own at least three dogs / i am lgbtq+ tagging: @MaeLyn @QueenyCrossGene @InfiniteUtopia @MelissaGarza @awkwardjazzy @WinKonVIP Feel free to do this yourself and tag others!