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Neji vs Naruto - Chunnin Exams battle - You'll Rebel To Anything

Perfect song for this battle because as you may all remember, this is when Neji is telling Naruto that everyone's destiny is pre-determined. As we all know, Naruto is the biggest supporter of not caring what anyone thinks, and he proves that in this great battle!
@n3xt Yes, definitely! I also loved seeing the reactions of the crowd. At this point in time, Naruto may have been clumsy and loud, but he was always earnest with his every action.
It is an absolutely amazing fight! Naruto's techniques are so much cooler now but the intensity of this fight coupled with the amount of emotions make it one of the best ever!
One of my favorite fights in Naruto is between them. It was so, so good. I've seen it a few times now and I still find it to be fantastic.
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