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This might be one of the most touching AMVs I have ever seen. There is no real power song, and it definitely is not a conventional AMV, but it definitely is one of the best I have ever seen. The reason why it is so powerful, I think, is because if you have ever seen One Piece, you will understand everything that is being said and why it is being said by that person.
Oh, I definitely agree @n3xt . It's not easy finding really, really good quality AMVs. I always applaud the person who can put together a great video. It's not as easy as it looks, the music and timing.
@yinofyang isn't it gorgeous?! I mean it is absolutely touching and so well made. I really love the way the "artist," (bc i consider the person who made this AMV an artist!) just made everything fit perfectly rather than force too much! Just gorgeous!
Omg @n3xt , this is a fantastic post. This brought a tear or two to my eye. I absolutely love Luffy. After twenty years of watching anime, he remains one of my top three favorite protagonists. For all his silliness and penchant for getting them into trouble, there's no people he looks out for more than his nakama. ♥♥♥